Pietrasanta Tuscany – Il Duomo Luxury Suites Reviewed

Pietrasanta Tuscany – Il Duomo Luxury Suites Reviewed

Pietrasanta, in Versilia, Tuscany is famous for its Piazza Duomo, luxury galleries and individual fashion boutiques. It is located not far from the coast in fact it has its own seaside town called Marina di Pietrasanta. The well-heeled head for the beaches at the town of Forte Dei Marmi. Also not far from Pietrasanta are the Tuscan towns of Pisa and Lucca.

Shopping in Pietrasanta

Pietrasanta offers luxury shopping like no other in Tuscany. The individual artisans and niche items can only be found here in Pietrasanta. Whilst staying at Il Duomo Luxury Suites right in the heart of the centre overlooking the Duomo, I discovered some hidden gems when it comes to fine dining, art, artisans and shopping.


The items above are all purchased at individual boutiques and are handmade in limited editions. There are many luxury galleries you can explore and get sculptures made to your liking.

galleries Pietrasanta

The many sculptures on display in Pietrasanta

The shopping experience and quality items are just amazing. Plenty of homeware to buy and explore too. Anything can be made to order in Pietrasanta. What I love is the individuality of the shops.

Il Duomo

There are many places to explore including Il Duomo and the fabulous library. Often to the local community showcase their sculptures right in front of Il Duomo luxury suites. This is fabulous to observe whilst eating and drinking at the Pasticceria Il Duomo.

Il Duomo Pietrasanta

The square of the Duomo is place is my favourite area to eat the best pastries that Pietrasanta has to offer. All the food is freshly made daily and it’s so popular with tourists as well as locals.

Il Duomo pastry Pietrasanta

When you stay at the suites your breakfast is here. Fresh food daily and excellent service. You can choose whatever you like to eat for your breakfast.

Pietrasanta Tuscany - Il Duomo Luxury Suite Reviewed MenStyleFashion 2021 (7)

Pietrasanta Tuscany - Il Duomo Luxury Suite Reviewed MenStyleFashion 2021 (7)

This is my breakfast view at Il Duomo Luxury Suites.

Il Duomo Luxury Suites

Il Duomo Luxury Suites offers 6  luxury bedrooms. There are three magnificent suites and three splendid superiors rooms. Each room is very modern with double glazing. Each room is individually furnished and decorated mixing with old and new history, style, and modern elegance that Italy has to offer.

This modern hotel has cleverly adapted to rapid social changes with creative solutions. These are the striking interior design trends that shape up today’s hospitality scene.  What I love in this hotel is the individuality of each room, all are highly personalized experiences.

Il Duomo Luxury Suites community room

This is the public area where you can sit, relax, read and drink some wine. I would highly recommend booking the whole suite as a group for a wonderful family or friends getaway. It means you can explore Pietrasanta at your leisure. It is a wonderful place to meet up with friends and enjoy the luxury lifestyle of Italy.

I loved how adding local art in their design scheme, helped me improve my perception of the place and created a genuine experience. From small sculptures and photography to integrating an art project into the image of the hotel. It is a good example of using contemporary design and local skills for me to understand what Pietrasanta atmosphere is all about.

Il Duomo Luxury Suites community room

This room has a lovely ambience to sit and relax after exploring all the galleries, churches and boutiques. The colour explosions and eclectic decor mix definitely appealed to me. I made my experience unique and I enjoyed the accommodation.

Superior RoomtI stayed in one of the superior

The room was very clean and the decor was very relaxing. The mattress and bed linen were super comfortable and modern. I liked the bedside lamps which were handcrafted with a modern touch.

superior room Pietrasanta Tuscany - Il Duomo Luxury Suite Reviewed MenStyleFashion 2021

There are plenty of pillows to relax and watch TV. I like how they added a few bright colours to animate space which resulted in a soothing joyful atmosphere. The lighting was bright and the curtains allowed me to sleep at night including great the double glazing to keep the noise out.

superior room Pietrasanta Tuscany - Il Duomo Luxury Suite Reviewed MenStyleFashion 2021

There is plenty of cupboard space to store my items. The modern furniture is very comfortable to relax on too. I like the extra chairs at the window and the pretty teacups with a kettle so I can have endless hot beverages. These small added touches make a memory of this hotel stay and accommodation an experience that is unique.


I love the large double sinks and the grey decor. The shower was large and powerful. The towels were lovely and soft and the bathroom amenities made from olive oil are a nice touch of wellness.



Pietrasanta is my favourite fashion and vintage shopping destination in Italy. It’s a rare treat these days to have so many individual boutiques you can explore and find hidden gems. There are plenty of fabulous restaurants to try out and the food is excellent. It is a small place to explore and easy access to Lucca, Pissa and Florence. Il Duomo Luxury Suites offers a central location with individually styled rooms to match this artistic town. For me this is a must book for anyone visiting Pietrasanta.


  • Room reviewed: Superior Room – Suite Gabriele D’Annunzio
  • Website: https://ilduomosuites.com/en/
  • Address: Piazza Duomo, 41, 55045 Pietrasanta LU, Italy
  • Phone: +39 342 805 0242

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