Over the last few months MenStyleFashion have tapped into the world of car reviews. So we thought we shall give you a few journey tips. What are The Perfect Wheels For Your Wardrobe?


The world’s gone Mad´ You hear your grandmother say with everything becoming faster and more mass produced and nothing so much as the modern motor vehicle. While the rest of us scratch our heads in wonderment at the myriad of sartorial styles that are available to the modern gentleman, a new specialized market has sprung up with a rather unique method of flogging after market accessories for your automotive pride and joy and I’m not talking about the ubiquitous ‘Magic Tree’ air freshener (which is class of a different kind!)

Cars have always been the most obvious of lifestyle products encouraging envy and admiration in equal proportions and now that moves on with the adoption of a fashion trend that originated in the high tech metropolis of Tokyo .For years now fashion and car enthusiasts have developed a symbiotic relationship in customizing cars in line with fashion trends, encouraging a whole host of fabrics, colours and even textures to be built in or added on to vehicles giving them the ability to become a fashion item which cant so easily be slipped in and out of that Gucci leather bag.

Wheelie Popular

With checks trending well this season, did you know for instance, the recently cosmetically overhauled Golf GTi has taken Japanese designer cues from the fashion streets and allowed prospective owners the ability to spec out new models in its once classic check interior design? Nostalgia is not just big in fashion but many petrol heads of a certain age are very happy to pay for optional extras that invoke memories of superb performance both in and out of the driving seat as long as they can look good to match.

Fording Ahead

Leave the Burberry wallet at home and you can dive in to this classy offering from the house of Ford .The re -vamped Fiesta model is available in a whole host of vibrant and cool shades which although you’ll pay more for, you’ll be able to find something in their color palette that will wet yours for less than the cost of some up market designer watches, a bargain aid to looking good.

Car Chic

There are always gentlemen with a cut of Italian verve and a dash of adventure in their blood and providing they have the cash flow to match, can satisfy their style needs by specifying the full Monty Maserati Quattro Porte in fully customizable trim options that if GranLusso or GranSport finish won’t suffice, well you can bring your favorite swatch and negotiate like a Mafioso.

Utility Vroom

Function and sheer grunt can be fashionable as well with the legendary Audi Badge. It may look like a utility vehicle on the surface, but the Audi A6 has design flourishes that catch the eye from the flared arches to the pumped up Tonka toy tyres .You can play out like a big kid but when you need space to load up those designer bags you’ll have it in spades and you’ll have admiring (Or Envious) glances for being right on the button with a contemporary SUV that’s going to be a future classic that you can ‘wear ‘with pride.

Not Monkeying Around

The evolution of Porsche in the opinion of petrol heads is akin to mankind emerging heaving and panting from the primordial soup; Becoming more sophisticated and technologically aware as the millennia or in Porsches case decades go by. Like the body of a well sculptured Greek athlete the Porsche Panemera has the high tech performance of a muscle car hidden within its elegant saloon like body that’s as at home in the mean boho streets or out on the winding roads leading down to the Riviera. Add a classy suit and watch as accessories, and you’re on a winner.

Roving The Range

Appealing across the board from Primark to Prada is not easy; but one vehicle that undoubtedly has the chutzpah to do it is the Range Rover. It’s the built like a brick bidet vehicle of choice from school run to boardroom and is as at home on the council estate as it is in Monaco, why? Because it’s aspirational, supremely comfortable, can be pleasantly loud without being brash and the brand is utterly timeless like a classic fashion house piece. That dear reader makes it the ultimate matching accessory, its Top Gear