IAmsterdam City Card – Museums Attractions Transport

IAmsterdam City Card – Museums Attractions Transport

As part of Luxury Month Amsterdam, MenStyleFashion was given a 72-hour IAmsterdam city card pass. This card that comes as 24, 48, 72 or 96-hour pass gave me a chance to enjoy unlimited free public transport, a free canal cruise, free entry in numerous museums and discounts on attractions and restaurants. The 72-hour card cost €75 and is good value for those that do two or more attractions a day. The 24-hour card is €55, the 48-hour €65 and the 96-hour is €85. One of my highlights was the free entry to 38 museums which includes the likes of the Rembrandthuis Museum, Van Gogh Museum and Hermitage Amsterdam. As I have been in Amsterdam many times and had already visited the Van Gogh Museum and Rijks Museum I decided to go for some other big ones and lesser-known ones.

Museum Van Loon

As I stayed in The Dylan Hotel which is located on the Keizersgracht I decided to go the Museum Van Loon. The Museum Van Loon, is a museum located in a canal-side house alongside the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. The museum is named after the family Van Loon that lived in the house from the 19th century. This was very intriguing to see how they lived during that time. I loved all the rooms, with amazing chandeliers, fireplaces and artwork. If you want to see a what full canal-side house looks like visit this museum.

van-loon-1 the-garden-of-the-van-loonvan-loon


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