The first thing you need to consider is the dress code of the casino itself. Is it the sort of Las Vegas casino where you can drop in with next-doors cocktail in one hand and your shirt half open from the heat? Or, is it a members-only, invitation-only, a fancy and refined place where polite people play and offer up a gentle conversation? Consider what the casino is asking of you before you start picking your outfits.

1 – Consider The Time of Day

You may look dapper in your elegant tuxedo. You may look like you just dropped in from Casino Royale, but if it is morning or early daytime, you may look a little out of place when other people are wearing casual suits or shirts with no ties and so forth. There was a list provided by Times Union that noted the best online casinos. Perhaps before you venture into a real casino, especially one that requires invitations or memberships, you should perhaps play a few games online. It may be embarrassing if you enter into the casino and are unsure how the games work or how you play to win. You may not create the sort of impression that will get you invited back again.

2 – Consider How Hot or Cold it is

There is an unwritten rule that you could dress a lot lighter and a little more freely if it is very hot. Many casinos have air conditioning, but in places like Las Vegas, no amount of air conditioning can stop the scorching summer heat from penetrating at least one-third of the place. Ergo, it is okay to dress a little lighter when it is very hot and a little heavier when it is very cold.

3 – Black Tie Unless Told Otherwise

Put on a black-tie or black bow tie for your first visit. If you see that other people are not wearing ties, or that they have different colour ties, then you can mix it up next time. But, for your first time entering, stick to a black-tie or bow tie. If they say it is black tie optional, then wear a tie the first time you arrive so you can see what other people are wearing. Everybody may still be wearing ties, but they are darker colours like dark purple, red and blue.

4 –  Semi-Formal Means a Suit

When a dress code says it is semi-formal, then this means your regular suit, a dark-coloured suit preferably. It means shoes, a dark colour preferably. It means a tie in most circumstances but take a look at what people are wearing when you get in there. Semi-formal does assume you will arrive with a suit and jacket. There may be a lot of people in there with trousers and a shirt on, but this may be because they have taken their jackets off due to the heat. Things like cuff links (as opposed to buttons) are optional, as is a watch and a handkerchief. Too many accessories can warrant you being refused entry.

5 – Casual Wear

This means dressing in what you would dress in for a first date. It can mean a suit, but it can also mean dark jeans, dark shoes or sneakers, and perhaps a watch. Las Vegas has a lot of places where casual wear is allowed because they get a lot of tourists and they don’t mind them wandering in to drop a few dollars here and there. Perhaps consider business casual if the casino is a nighttime establishment and/or an invitation only place. A sports jacket, trousers, shoes and a button-up shirt should suffice.