It’s probably safe to say that 2020 wasn’t your most fashionable year. In fact, with 2021 quickly coming to a close, you probably just wore whatever was in your closet and now just realized you need to step up your fashion game immediately. When it comes to looking put together and keeping comfort at an all-time high, you simply can’t go wrong with joggers. Below are five ways to style your joggers and still look like you stepped out of GQ magazine.

At Work

Even if you’re still working from home, you’re probably getting tired of looking like you just rolled out of bed. While being comfortable is one thing, wearing sweats that haven’t been washed for days is another. To step up your jogger game, think about how you’d dress to go to the office. Pair a lightweight knit cashmere sweater with a pair of drawstring pants for your next Zoom. You can find a variety of these comfy trousers over at Bonobos.

On a Date

You’re vaccinated and they are too, so it’s obvious that it’s time to meet in real life. You can keep the vibe chill while still looking fly. Style a pair of cotton linen drawstring pants, like ones from Alex Mills, with a suede jacket and cotton tee. You can pair this fit with leather sneakers or laid-back Birkenstock clogs. If things go well and you head back to your place, you still want to keep your stylish vibes flowing. In addition to swapping your linen for sweats, you want to make sure you’re ready for anything. If you use a vaporizer to unwind, obviously you need to make sure you choose one that your lungs will thank you for. Check out a few collections online before you buy. Be sure to look for models that fit your style and lifestyle.

Hanging Out with Friends

Sunday afternoons are all about downtime and hanging with your buddies. It’s also the perfect time to wear your sweats. Swap out your business casual for super comfy joggers, like ones from Talentless. You can add an oversized sweatshirt and your favourite kicks, along with a baseball cap and your favourite pair of tall socks.

Running Errands

Running errands is kind of like paying your taxes. You dread doing it, but always feel better once you’re done. So, whether you’re grocery shopping or dropping clothes off at the dry cleaners, you can still look stylish. Swap out your faded jeans for super skinny joggers and a millennial pink crew sweatshirt. Add a pair of Converse or another low-profile sneaker to top off your look.

Night Out with Mom

Nights out with mom doesn’t mean donning a three-piece suit. You can dress up a pair of joggers simply by adding stylish accessories like a leather loafer and a button-down shirt. You can keep the colours monochromatic for a retro-chic look or go bold on top and subdued on the bottom. Just be sure not to tuck your shirt into your pants. You probably already know this, but you just never know.