The gaming world has developed in ways that were previously thought impossible, with mobile smartphones now able to deliver what was once confined to bulky consoles.

At the touch of a fingertip and with portability that makes gaming simple, mobile phones are becoming increasingly popular with the gaming fraternity.

The extent of gaming on a smartphone is endless. From one-person shooters to online casino games, the expansion of technology knows no bounds.

Even the previously popular brick and mortar casino brands have a presence online and now an array of high roller casino sites can be accessed within seconds at your fingertips.

But, there is one phone in particular that needs to be mentioned. The Samsung S20, unveiled in February, is said to take gaming to the next level. Is this true?

What the Samsung S20 can provide

First to notice with the Samsung S20 is the 120Hz display; with such a display, smooth gaming is a guarantee – which is what every gamer wants to hear. This 120Hz is double the rate at which the display refreshes on the majority of phones, including those which Samsung had previously released. What this means is smoother scrolling and animations.

And, with a fast processor, 12GB of RAM7, audio tuned by AKG and a game booster operating in the background to enhance settings for peak performance, the S20 is streets ahead in terms of gaming experience. Add to that the 6.2-inch screen the S20 possesses and the Samsung can bring gaming to life.

samsung s20 range

Its features

The Samsung S20 also brings a new element to mobile gaming with a game booster, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) which will undoubtedly improve gamers’ participation.

Samsung also appears to have addressed the death of gaming: input lag. With such a lag, the ability to control characters and do whatever is necessary is limited. Samsung have, however, developed the S20 with an improved touch response rate which means less input lag in games that require touch control.

Though the likes of New Zealand online casino sites don’t really need such an improvement, games like Call of Duty Mobile where Player v Player (PvP) and competitive play are basically at the game’s core, this enhancement will be pivotal.

call of duty mobile

Home to a powerful new chipset, either a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 or Exynos 990 (where you live will determine which you’ll get) as well as either 8GB or 12GB of RAM, depending on whether you buy the 4G or 5G phone, the Samsung really does pack an awesome punch that leaves a gamer truly satisfied.

Also boasting one of the best screens available on a smartphone, the S20 is an incredible feat of engineering with its 563 pixels per inch providing a brilliant mini-gaming console.

Impressive on the outside as well as the inside, the Samsung S20 – though not specifically advertised as a gaming phone – is a piece of equipment that pushes gaming to its absolute limits.