Introducing the perfect smartphone charging, photo back-up gadget from SanDisk.

The SanDisk iXpand Wireless Charger is a one-stop-shop for all your smartphone needs. Simply place a phone on the sleek white pebble and enjoy super-fast wireless charging whilst the device simultaneously backs up all of your precious photo memories instantly.


It’s simple! Wake up every day to a phone fully charged and photos/videos backed up at optimum resolution. Multiple back-up profiles are available allowing different users to store images/videos in separate personal folders. On top of that, the high-efficiency power plug with six-foot cable gives you fast, convenient charging.

This piece of kit is perfect for mum, dad, grandma, or any loved one that is worried about losing all their photos. Free-up smartphone space and back-up everything automatically to the cloud with the SanDisk iXpand Wireless Charger.

The gadget is also phone case-friendly, plus it will never overcharge a phone, ensuring your phone battery and overall performance are protected.

SanDisk iXpand Wireless Charger