Cheltenham Classic Tweed – Cheltenham Festival Style Tips

Cheltenham Classic Tweed – Cheltenham Festival Style Tips

Every March of every year, the horse racing fans from everywhere in the world gather in celebration of the very popular Cheltenham Festival. The four-day festival which dates back 1860 has become one of the most popular sporting events in the world. The events which will take place between 12th of March to 15th of March this year will include events such as; Champion Hurdle Day, Ladies’ Day, St Patrick’s Day and Gold Cup Day.

Doesn’t matter if this year will be your first Cheltenham or you are a regular goer, there is usually measures to take in order to get the maximum enjoyment in the festival. One of the first things you should consider if you are punter is the betting tips for this year’s Cheltenham festival. According to the mirror, this year’s  Cheltenham festival will see as much as €22 million spent on betting. You can impress yourself and impress your friends with horse racing tips from OLBG’s expert tipsters, easily accessible from their app. The app is one one of the best when it comes to betting on the Cheltenham festival and we advise you check it out. Through the app you can discover the horses that won the previous years as well as the favourites for this year.

Aside checking out the betting odds and tips, you also need to make a plan for your outfits. And this is why we have written this article. If you take a look at the official Cheltenham Jockey Club website you will find out that there is really no official dress code for the event and this is mainly because the events take place in the winter when the weather can be very difficult to predict. The only thing we know is that gentlemen seem to want to wear more of suits or something similar when in the club enclosure and or anywhere in the various classy restaurants. More on that below

Cheltenham Classic Tweed - Cheltenham Festival Style Tips

Cheltenham Classic Tweed

You simply can’t go wrong with the classic Cheltenham unit. It is very affordable and it is one that works for all men regardless of class, race, shape or sizes. We ourselves have tried this on various occasions.

We must however point out that although you normal basic business suit-and-tie combination will match perfectly well, it may however not make you stand out as a classy, stylish man. If you want to stand out and not blend in to the crowd, we advise against the normal work suits as they are usually dark and dull. Colour wise, a deep blue or navy blue suit is the best if you really want to stand out in the crowd.

Cheltenham Classic Tweed - Cheltenham Festival Style Tips

Cheltenham Tweed

I will hazard a guess that when you read the subtitle “Cheltenham Tweed” you immediately dismissed it as a drab choice. Well, it used to be a drab choice but not anymore. Some of the best men fashion designers have managed to reshape the trend in this aspect as we now have very classy tweed that will stand you out especially for the Cheltenham festival.

Although the Tweed is commonly known for being worn by classic country gents, there are now so many beautiful and trendy designs with contemporary slim-fit that you will find good for the Cheltenham festival. Only thing is, you must ensure your outfit is correctly accessoried.

We will stop here for now, but a bit of Google work will show you so many beautiful men wears for the Cheltenham that are worth considering. We advise you check them out. Protection Status

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