The Rebirth of Hip-Hop Fashion in 2020

The Rebirth of Hip-Hop Fashion in 2020

If you are a keen follower of the Hip-hop style and fashion, you can firmly attest that this is one industry that has changed significantly since the ‘90s. Today’s rappers look a bit different than they did back in the days when Tupac and Biggie were the real deal. Talk about things, such as timbs, denim shirts, and baseball caps, today, they are bigger than they were before. Designers, in collaboration with rappers, have been at the forefront in taking the emerging trends to the next level.

Before you head to the comment section and complain that things are still the same as they were in the ‘90s, this article will proceed and explain to you about the revival of hip hop fashion, and how today’s rappers are setting a difference.

The Rebirth of Hip-Hop Fashion in 2020

1. Fitting Is The New Baggy

Gone are the days when rappers were characterized by wearing loose attires. The likes of Dr. Dre were known to rock these loose fittings often. In 1994, Dre, together with TLC, draped the most oversized overalls ever seen in the show’s history. Recently, those styles have slowly faded away. The new generation now embraces skinny jeans. Wiz Khalifa, Kanye, A$AP Rocky and the Migos are among the few rappers known for influencing skinny jeans in the hip hop fashion industry.

2. High Fashion Kicks Have Slowly Replaced J’s

In the ‘90s, rappers were considered a chump for rocking Jordan. However, in the recent past, that notion has gradually faded away. Today, rappers have more than the Jump man. Adidas have still maintained their position in the hip hop style. But, major fashion houses like Maison Margiela, Balenciaga, and Visvim are making a run for the money. They not only make luxurious sneakers, but they often imitate renowned models, such as Adidas and Nike. Gold chains have replaced wooden beads

Gone are the days when your favorite rapper would rock a wooden bead necklace. Today, rappers are swapping these beads for gold chains. Hip hop culture is often associated with a challenging past. Therefore, the use of gold bling and jewelry acts as a symbol of status or indicates that your rapper has made it to the top. Currently, designers understand the importance of iced out jewelry, and diamond chains to hip hop culture. As a result, they set a difference by availing all these pieces of jewelry to the shop near you. Fashion enthusiasts at often insist that when it comes to shopping for jewelry, you must first consider the best quality that your money can buy. Thanks to the power of the internet, today, you can find legit jewelry stores out there. With an array of options to choose, you will find pieces of jewelry that match your taste, budget, and preferences.

3. Change In The Color Scheme

A look at the hip hop culture back in the heydays will tell you that most rappers preferred rocking loud, bold, and bright color patterns. It was a way to call for attention. Even today, the new generation is still embracing the trend. However, they are setting a bit of a difference. If you are a keen observer of today’s rappers, you will realize that most of them are using exciting shades of colours and funkier styles to win the crowd’s attention. With the shift, you can say that colors and patterns aren’t finished, but they are more prevalent and subdued than they used to be.

4. Basketball Caps Have Taken Over The Bucket Hats

About two decades ago, bucket hats rocked hip hop fashion. Rappers would be seen wearing them often. However, in the recent past, basketball caps are the new trend. The likes of Kanye West, Offset, Chance the rapper, and Justin Beiber have been seen rocking these amazing caps with skinny jeans. As a result, they have influenced the audience as well into wearing the caps during their performances.

5. Sweatpants Aren’t Just For Studio And Lounging

Without reasonable doubt, sweatpants are one of the biggest fashion trends in the recent past. In the ‘90s, sweatpants were only worn indoors, and when you wore them when heading out, the chances are that you were going to the gym. However, the likes of Drake and Kendrick Lamar have made these clothes popular. Modern rappers are often seen rocking this wear during performances or while relaxing during a vacation. Brands, such as Nike and Balmain, have, in return, taken upon themselves to tailor modern-day tapered sweatpants that you can rock anywhere.

Hip Hop Fashion

Conclusively, it’s with no doubt that hip hop fashion is a trend that will keep on changing in the future. However, the craze for the music and artists dressing up styles will remain in pattern for a long time. Explained in this article are some of the frequent changes in the hip hop industry, and that has resulted in the rebirth of hip hop fashion in 2020. If you are a hip hop fan, you ought to try these latest fashion trends. Protection Status

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