Conkr Creative – Cufflinks Made From Irish Whiskey Barrels

Conkr Creative – Cufflinks Made From Irish Whiskey Barrels

Cufflinks Made by Irish  Whiskey Barrel

Whiskey Barrel Cufflinks – The Accessory With An Irish Story

Conkr Creative, a new Irish design workshop based high in the Dublin mountains, has just launched its first crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, a popular crowd-funding website. Here, the public “pledge” money to a business and in return are sent a product when it’s made a few weeks later, a sort of pre-sale if you will. One of the rewards Conkr is offering to its backers is a set of cufflinks, made from an old Irish whiskey barrel!

The barrels are sourced from one of the many Irish whiskey brands, including Jameson, Bushmills, and Killbegan, renowned all over the world for their quality. This is where Conkr provides the back story. Each set comes with a unique barrel ID which details what brand of Irish whiskey that the cufflinks helped distill and give its unique flavour. This gives the cufflinks a rich heritage, a talking point that’s unique to Conkr. It also means if you buy the cufflinks as a gift, your lucky recipient has the added joy of discovering all about the origin of their present, right back to the historic Irish whiskey distillery it came from.

Oak And Steel Of A Barrel

The main body of the cufflinks are made from solid oak, taken from the stave of the barrel (the curved wooden bit), and the metal is taken from the barrel hoop. Nothing else is used, everything is 100% up-cycled. They’ve been carefully designed so they’re easy to put on, and the metal is sanded smooth so it won’t damage your shirt or jacket.

Cufflinks Made by Irish Whiskey Barrel

Conkr is raising funds on Indiegogo to upgrade the workshop for upcoming projects, but is ready to ship the cufflinks to you right now, well in time for Christmas 2013. They also come in a gift box, making them the ideal Christmas gift or stocking filler for any man.

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Cufflinks Made by Irish Whiskey Barrel


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