Man Bags – 3 Top Styles To Clutch Onto

Man Bags – 3 Top Styles To Clutch Onto

Clutch man bag for men leopard print

Man Bags

I posed a question on reddit. Is a man ready to embrace different types of MEN’S bag for 2013 or is it too feminine? In true form I forgot about it. Several months later this is what comments came in.

  • I have no need to carry around that much crap. If I do find the need to carry more, I want a shoulder strap or back straps. Masculinity isn’t a significant factor.
  • I use a man purse, and people in the US always make fun of me. Whenever I am in Asia or Europe though, every other guy would use a tote bag. US is full of homophobes and its fashion is always 10 years late. I think the metrosexual/asexual look is very fashionable.
  • It’s a tote bag. for carrying shit. I don’t understand the question…
  • Go to an army surplus store for bags. I picked up a cool 1950’s French satchel for only $20. Get something that will wear well.

Is A Clutch Bag For Men Too Feminine?

Here are some more answers: Plus…that shit is really gay. And not in a cool homosexual way. In a “Harley riding dentist with tribal flame tattoos” type of gay. In my last article I did say anyone making these comments I would put THAT PERSON in a headlock. It’s a shame I can’t put THEM in a headlock.

Owning A Man bag. Is It Worth Clutching Onto?

First of all of course it is. But it’s all about what message you want to carry out to the world. The first rule is men are complaining to me saying, when they wear a bag across their shoulder over a suit it damages the material, and the suit gets pulled out of shape including your shoulder pad. Blimey are you guys on a Bond set or something. It’s a valid point. Your update work bag is about functionality, it zips up, has plenty of compartments and comes with both handles and a shoulder strap. So carrying it with alternative handles would certainly ease the pain of damaging your suit. My advice is don’t wear you man bag over your suit wear it over your coat. Opt for soft leather work bags much more user friendly to your shoulder pads and they look very expensive indeed.

Clutch Bag For Men

Where on earth would you use one, let alone own one. The collections now are great. They are certainly a statement piece for sure. They are great for one on one meetings. Storing all your basic essentials for small meetings. Let’s face it how much can you do on your phone these days. no need for a huge writing pad. The idea is to choose one that you want to feel and be seen comfortable with. For me they are more a fashion statement for anyone passing buy.

Burberry clutch pink bag for men
Clutch man bag for men chequered
Clutch man bag for men orange
Clutch man bag for men denim jacket
Leather man clutch bag black and brown

The Messenger Bag

Well the name of the bag says a lot about its purpose. I adore the leather on these bags. I am a big fan of leather and the Mulberry collections are super masculine and gorgeous. It’s a bag of versatility. A lot can be thrown into it including your laptop. It certainly completes your overall look. It’s a man bag that states you mean business on a casual front. The following accessory cases below are a perfect match to protect man’s gadgets in style.

Liev Schreiber Mulberry Brynmore Messenger Bag
Leather accessories for men Kindle Ipod and Lap top

The Carry Bag

This bag belongs to men. No women would be carrying a bag like this. I think they are great for overnight stays or the gym. I love seeing a man flex his biceps while carrying a bag. So it’s up to you how much gear you want to throw in. I also think it’s a great bag to carry wine, cheese and all the fine things in life. The stylish picnic all in a bag.

Man Bag for men - Louis Vuitton

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