Cool Summer Style – Linen Shirts and Lightweight Denim

Cool Summer Style – Linen Shirts and Lightweight Denim

We are in Italy for the moment and it is hot. What brand can keep us super stylish but cool in summer?  If you are looking for the most pristine vacation wardrobe and you like to stay as cool as you look. This new luxury menswear brand, Angelo Galasso offers a unique selection of lightweight items to make summer dressing a breeze.

We travel all over the globe so lightweight items are essential for travel and for keeping us cool in summer.


Angelo Galasso is a luxury menswear brand, who designs impeccably tailored linen shirts. Linen is the perfect fabric that keeps any hot man cool in summer.

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How To Wear Linen

You don’t have to look too hard now to see the guys leading the pack when it comes to wearing linen. I would tend to mix and match the styles. So linen shorts with a shirt. Linen blazer with cotton shorts. It really depends on what you’re comfortable with. The Italians let alone the Spaniards will always show us how one way or another to wear linen in a cool casual way. We are all about the man on the street after all.

The linen collections out there are about pushing the suit boundaries for men more than ever before. It is about the mixing of materials with different cotton styles that have given it a more edgy appeal. The retro prints and floral fabrics are for the adventurous man. The layering of clothes seem to be an added bonus, but not sure how cool this can be in a very hot climate.

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Summer Jackets

This summer is about unstructured jackets, where being cool does not mean looking pristine. The jackets are super fun, edgy and easy to wear.

Jackets have long been a fashion staple of trendy guys, but these jackets are definitely making a resurgence this year. You can find this cut and style in major department stores of all types, and better yet, you can find them in a plethora of styles and fabrics, so you’re sure to snag a jacket that matches your personal style, no problem. You’ll also find there are a variety of color hues to choose from in men’s jackets this year, with emeralds and bright pink making their way to the men’s runway. This versatile jacket can be used throughout the seasons and is definitely going to be a wardrobe favorite.

Best part? It can be dressed up or down to make for a great addition to any style choice.

Summer Denim

When it comes to men’s denim clothing, it’s an incredibly versatile style that can see you through the whole year. But how do you pull off denim in the sunshine? Here are some key styles to help give you a summer guide to wearing denim.

The super-soft cotton denim mix jeans are bang on trend this summer. Denim is not easy to wear in the heat. But on the right occasions, it is a very versatile fabric one can look in.

Jeans are a staple item in everyone’s wardrobe, but when it comes to the summer months, you might want to try something different from your usual black or blue style. The increasing temperatures and sunshine might put you off wearing jeans altogether, but by choosing the right pair you can remain both comfortable and stylish.

Looking at alternative options to your standard pair of jeans could be the winning item in your wardrobe this summer. The likes of white jeans or sand-colored jeans are the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon of sunshine; plus, the science behind light colours keeping you cool is a bonus!

You should also consider extra detail like rips or distressed patches that can double up as extra breathing room for your legs.

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Hand-Made Shoes

Angelo Galasso exquisite hand-made shoes are super comfortable. Each item is refined and sophisticated to offer a sleek look no matter how hot the temperature gets. Leather is the perfect material for summer.

Summertime is calling and it’s asking if you’re ready for the warm weather. Naturally, this means stocking up on a few new pairs of shoes and there are some very attractive trends to take advantage of for the upcoming season. Here are shoes that no man should be caught without if they plan on having their feet look fashionable.

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