Does Your Harley Need an Aftermarket Camshaft?

Does Your Harley Need an Aftermarket Camshaft?

Whether you need an aftermarket camshaft for your Harley or not depends entirely on your driving style. Therefore, think twice if you are thinking to make any upgrades in your Harley. Your driving style represents how your bike should be upgraded, never go for any modification just for the sake of doing it. Go for upgrades that enhance your bike’s performance and functionality.

Know your Requirement First

First, you should check how do you usually use your Harley, as it would be easier for you to decide which type of aftermarket camshaft upgrade you need. For instance, if you’re a casual rider who rides casually on the road whenever he gets a chance, then you don’t need to get an aftermarket camshaft because camshafts are just not about style only it about increasing performance too. However, if you’re touring biker who’s crazy about his bike’s speed and performance, then you should get one, because camshafts are one of the most common and popular modifications that Harleys get. A camshaft doesn’t only add style to your Harley, but also enhance its performance too, so to know what’s your requirement comes first.


What is a Camshaft, and Why do you Need one?

You must be speculating what exactly is a camshaft, and how can it help in improving your Harley’s performance? Commonly knowns as the cam is a part with a primary function of opening and closing your intake and exhaust valves, in other words, it basically controls the mixture of air and fuel which enters and exits the engine. This may look like a simple, straightforward process, but when it gets changed with the right dynamics of a high-speed engine, even a small change can make a massive difference in the performance. After fitting a camshaft in your Harley, you can speed up quickly because it increases the RPM of your bike.

A crane camshaft increases powerband from idle to higher RPMs such as 3500, which is ideal for low-end performance. This type of RPM enhancement is particularly needed by riders who commute a lot on hilly areas or for daily city rides. If you’re a tourer rider with the load, then the mid-range camshaft will suit you because it is suitable for journeys with loads. Moreover, it can increase your Harley’s RPM from 2000 to 5000. Another benefit of having a mid-range camshaft is that it helps you to ride on highways and to move quickly around traffic. It is an excellent choice for long-distance travelers, and it suits well on lighter Harleys.

On the other hand, if you’re all crazy about speed and wants to ride your Harley on the road with ease, then the higher RPMs camshafts are the right choice for you. With higher performance camshafts, the powerband will produce RPM between the range of 3500 to 6500. It will give you the best top end performance that you can enjoy on your bike. Some of the camshafts come in huge in size. Therefore, they’ll require thorough modification of your bike’s body as well.

Moreover, why do you need to have a camshaft depends on what you expect from your Harley. If the engine performance of your Harley is your priority, then you must get an aftermarket camshaft. Once, you are sure of want kind of performance you want from your machine; you can pick your cam accordingly.

But getting a compatible cam is incomplete without précised static compression ratio, therefore while choosing a camshaft you must take care of other things as well and must consider it as a part of complete system. A high-performance engine with aggressive camshafts must have high static compression ratios. Any engine with a performance cam operated at low RPM is going to suffer a massive loss of torque because the late intake valve closing point will reduce the effective compression ratio. So, the bottom line is you must check everything thoroughly, ask your mechanic what other parts are needed to be changed or upgrade along with the camshaft so that you can get precisely what you want.

However, whenever you are going to improve the performance of your bike you may consider installing OEM Motorcycle Fairings. Fairings will not only beautify your Harley, but it will also help in making it more aerodynamic. Also, if you want, you can also add motorcycle rims to make your ride more awesome.

Getting any modification done on your Harley can be quite expensive. So, why would you want to invest in getting an aftermarket camshaft for your Harley? Here are some reasons why you should spend in a good quality aftermarket camshaft.

Increase in Horsepower

After getting any aftermarket camshaft to upgrade, the horsepower of your bike will increase by 30% on an average. The better the camshaft, the more power added to your engine’s efficiency.

Increase in the amount of torque produced by your engine

Installing aftermarket cam also helps in improving your bike’s torque. Many people agree that after installing aftermarket camshafts in your bikes, the torque production increases by 30% on an average. Therefore, after getting camshafts in your bikes, you can significantly improve its torque too.

Swap Lanes Conveniently

Camshafts even help in improving your overall driving experience. It makes it easier for you to swap lanes or maneuver around slow-moving trailers. In other words, you can pull the throttle and pass at a shooting speed.

Amplify the Classic Harley Sound

Last but not least, after installing an aftermarket camshaft in your Harley, you can amplify its classic sound as well.

In nutshell, camshafts are an engine modification parts which may require to upgrade other components of your Harley as well. So, think thoroughly, make a budget, talk to your mechanic, know what parts you should get at the same time, then go to shop for aftermarket motorcycle parts to customize your bike complimenting your style plus increasing the performance of your bike. Protection Status

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