Crazy (SFW) Things That Have Happened in Changing Rooms

Crazy (SFW) Things That Have Happened in Changing Rooms

What is it about drawing closed the change room curtain that makes customers believe that they can get away with so many bad behaviour? Perhaps the tiny sliver of privacy within the vast public space of your average clothing store convinces them that no one could possibly know what they’re getting up to.

Clothing store change rooms can be very stressful places for both staff and customers, without the kinds of shenanigans listed here:

1. Cameras Here, Cameras There, Cameras Everywhere


Be on the lookout, ladies! It seems that the single most common thing crazy thing that happens in dressing rooms comes from the apparently unending need for men to catch glimpses of unsuspecting women in their knickers. Peeping Toms are alive and well, and apparently attempting to slip a hidden camera into a change room near you.

2. You Are The Furniture


Customers who are focused on their own needs may treat the sales staff like furniture, but silver screen legend Lauren Bacall took that a little further than most when she nonchalantly dropped cigarette ash into Fiorucci staff member Joey Aria’s hand. She followed that up by stubbing her cigarette out on his palm.

3. Rodents of Unusual Size


The Brazilian variety TV show ‘Programa Silvio Santos’ sent radio-controlled giant rats into both women’s and men’s change rooms, and filmed the resulting mayhem. Many customers innocently thought to try on a potential new garment, and found themselves cowering in their knickers back in the shop!

4. Stolen Bikinis With a Side Order of Beef Jerky

Old friends Andrea Mobley and Jennifer Denise Morrow made a bucket list of life experiences that they wanted to share. This included shoplifting from a local Walmart. Eating beef jerky while they concealed bikinis under their clothes was probably just a whim in the moment. When you’re hungry, you’re hungry. Going to jail together was not actually on the list.

Anyone who has worked in retail knows that change rooms are the beating heart of their shop. Trying on clothes can be fraught with emotion for many customers. At the end of a long day, after the piles of discarded clothes have been put away, a game of Clothing Store Bingo is just the thing to relax you and prepare you for the next day’s parade of customers. Hopefully, without the giant rats. Protection Status

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