Desigual Winter Sale – Top 5 Must Buy Items.

Desigual Winter Sale – Top 5 Must Buy Items.

Desigual Winter Sale Must have items for your wardrobe

Desigual Winter Sale

The Desigual Winter Sale is on and I have been looking out for it as it is one of my favourite fashion brands with a difference. I have selected 5 items that are on sale right now and I think are must buy items for your wardrobe. They are colourful and different in many ways.

Some History

For people that have never heard about Desigual it is a casual clothing brand based in Barcelona, Spain which is noted for its patchwork designs, intense prints, innovative graffiti art and flamboyant splashes of colour. Founded in 1984 by Thomas Meyer, from Switzerland, the company has been led by Manel Adell since 2002. It is one of the many Spanish fashion success stories that have started local and have gone global like Zara, Mango & Camper. Today Desigual clothes are sold in 72 different countries around the globe.

Here are my five must have buys.

Must Have Number 1 – Arquero

Desigual must buy item number 1 - Arquero


Arquero – This is Desigual’s take on the traditional Argyle Pattern in patch work style. It make a classic design look much more funky and modern. This one is on my shopping list for sure.

Must Have Number 2 – Catedro

Desigual Must Buy Number 2 - Catedro

Catedro – Showing the same angular squares as the Arquero this is even a more youthful take on, as this is a hoodie. This one is not on my shopping list as I am buying the first one. And having both would be too much of the same. But still a killer item in my opinion.

Must Have Number 3 – Pharrell

Desigual Must Buy Number 3 - Pharrell


Pharrell – This is Desigual’s take on another classic design, the duffle coat. Notice the patch work on the arms, collar and pocket. Also notice this jacket is asymmetrical. This will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Must Have Number 4 – Sena

Desigual Must Buy Number 4 - Sena


Sena – The Sena has the Classical Norwegian and updated it to a more modern the look and cut . To top it of it has a Zip and “Duffle Style” toggle fasteners. It looks certainly warm to me, bring on those cold winter days.

Must Have Number 5 – Luz

Desigual Must Buy Number 5 - Luz


Luz – Desigual men’s T-shirt from the Cirque du Soleil line. This Luz T-shirt with long sleeves combines Cirque du Soleil patterns with written text. Fun and one of a kind. If you are after a long sleeved shirt this is the one to get.

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