Creep Clothing – Stand Out Wearing This Label

Creep Clothing – Stand Out Wearing This Label

Creep - Winter Fashion jackets

Standing Out From the Crowds

It may not always be the case, but most men who love their clothes and take care of their sartorial appearance, like to stand out from the crowd. I for one love to wear something that I know not every soul sauntering down the street will be wearing. Personally, I find there is something quite uplifting knowing a shirt I may be wearing is highly unlikely to be worn by someone else, or the trainers I have on my feet are not going to be in every shop window.

Wearing something which sets you apart from the crowd is half the battle when it comes to fashion – as anyone who has attended London Fashion Week will testify. You don’t want to be seen wearing the same t-shirt as the person next to you; you want people to ask you where you got your clothes from, if nothing else, standing out from the masses is a great conversation starter.

The problem is, in an age where brands are keen to offer their products around the globe and the internet has meant retail is now very much a global, rather than a local idea, wearing something that sets you apart is becoming harder than ever before. On the plus side, when you do find a hitherto unknown brand, it becomes all the more exciting for it.

Creep - Winter Fashion jackets


Creep - Winter Fashion jackets

Creep Clothing

A year or so ago I was fortunate enough to stumble across a small Japanese / Canadian brand who go by the name of Creep and have subsequently bought a number of their shirts, all of which people inquire about when I decide to wear them.

The brand was initially launched by Kiyofumi Awai in 1997 but truly took a leap forward when Awai’s brother Hiroshi, who was, and still is based in Toronto joined as Creative Director. Since then the brand have been taken in a new direction combining a playful, childlike energy with traditional work wear to create clothes that enable you to stand out from the masses.

Thankfully, even though they are stocked in stores around the globe, numbers on each garment are strictly limited meaning the chances of seeing someone wearing an item of Creep clothing on a high street near you is very remote.

If you do want to get yourself in on the action however, online retailer Original Attire stock a small but varied range of this exclusive clothing line. From Parka’s to C.P.O Jackets and chinos to sweaters.

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