Boots For Men – Three of The Most Powerful Brands

Boots For Men – Three of The Most Powerful Brands

Oliver Spencer - Brown Boots

Boots For Men

Being English, talking about the weather is much like breathing, we do it without thinking. If it’s too hot we complain about it, too cold we whine about it, if it’s just right, yes, we talk about it. Thankfully, with fashion revolving around the seasonal changes it means I can talk about the weather and somehow convince myself I am actually discussing fashion.

So, with the weather in mind and winter starting to ebb her way in to our sartorial choices, what better time to discuss our choice of footwear as the temperatures begin to plummet and us Brits begin to harp on about how cold we all are.

For me, and I’d imagine many of you shopping around for footwear at present, it is all about the winter boot. The great thing about the boot is not only does it look good, you can wear them with skinny or tapered jeans or a well tailored suit, but they genuinely act as a barrier to the cold meaning fashion and function – two elements which rarely ride in tandem – actually combine to great effect.

Here’s a look at some of the best boots currently available:

Dr. Martens

Possibly the most famous boot in the world, the Dr Martens 8-Hole boot has lived through the Mods and Rockers and Punk era and is still very much thriving today. A classic boot that looks great with a skinny pair of jeans, this really is an iconic piece of footwear that has stomped its way through life and lived to tell the tale. To purchase these boots and more Dr Martens, visit Shuperb.

Dr Martens Boots grey and blue

Oliver Spencer

Mr Oliver Spencer has a knack of combining classic tailoring with contemporary fashion to produce some of the best clothing on the British Isles and much the same can be said for his footwear. Derby boots, Oxford boots, Chelsea boots, you name it, Spencer designs them with an certain panache that enable you to wear these his boots with jeans or a formal suit.

Oliver Spencer - Brown Boots


One for the hip kids out there looking for something you won’t see everyone else wearing, French brand Etudes have produced these wonderful Yosemite boots. Capturing the essence of the hiking boot, itself very much in vogue at present, with a modern, slimmer silhouette, this is the type of boot that will have people staring at your feet when you enter that trendy pub on the corner of your trendy street.

Dr Martens Boots brown

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