Cristiano Ronaldo Debut Fragrance – ‘Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy’

Cristiano Ronaldo Debut Fragrance – ‘Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy’

Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy

Cristiano Ronaldo unveiled his debut fragrance Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy, as part of a longstanding ambition to create his own personal scent. The global icon unveiled the accompanying campaign for his exotic new fragrance during an intimate party in Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy gives the celebrated sportsman the chance to personally connect with fans all over the world, bringing them closer than ever to his luxury lifestyle.


The fragrance campaign was premiered at tonight’s party and takes fans behind closed doors, offering fans a glimpse into Ronaldo’s glossy lifestyle and meticulous grooming routine. His passion for first-class products and leaving a lasting impression were crucial factors in the creation of his fragrance which, like the campaign, perfectly captures his distinctive allure.

Dominated by a mixture of lavender, apple and cinnamon, Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy blends luxurious and exotic notes for a seductive scent that embodies Ronaldo’s masculinity and timeless appeal. Internationally revered for his stamina on-pitch, the same principles apply to his uniquely blended fragrance which is designed to last all day, leaving a legacy from day to night.


Ronaldo said, “Fragrance is a real passion of mine – it’s the ultimate grooming essential and provides the finishing touch to any outfit so I am very excited to be launching my own scent, Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy. I believe a fragrance can define you and how you present yourself to the world, so I wanted my debut scent to be masculine, sexy and confident.”

“Legacy is about creating something that people will remember you for, which is what I strive to do both on and off the pitch. Fragrance has the ability to leave a strong and lasting impression, so creating my signature scent – Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy – seemed the perfect fit.”

Speaking about the crafting process, Ronaldo continued, “Creating the right formula was really important to me, so I worked closely with an expert perfumer to hand select key notes that reflect my personal style. We focused on using the highest-quality ingredients to deliver a really superior product – Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy lasts all day so it’s a scent with both style and stamina!”

In true reflection of Ronaldo’s timeless appeal, the fragrance is housed in a sleek, solid glass bottle which brings a touch of refined luxury, whilst the bottle’s clean lines are distinctly masculine. To bring the lasting legacy of the fragrance to life, textured, gold details were added for a stylish yet glamorous aesthetic. The slick and minimalist design is finished off with understated gold engraving of Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy, to make a luxurious and quintessential addition to the modern man’s grooming routine.

Owing to Ronaldo’s desire for excellence and flawless execution, he sought the expertise of Eden Parfums, who are renowned for their work with other high-profile stars including One Direction, to collaborate on the scent and its design elements.

Commenting on the partnership, Stella Vassiliades of Eden Parfums said, “We are proud to be working alongside Ronaldo on his first venture into fragrance. Creating Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy with Ronaldo was a pleasure and an honour, especially given his personal passion for fragrance. We feel that Ronaldo’s signature scent really reflects his personality and perfectly embodies our shared vision.”

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