If you want to buy one or several perfumes, price is always a key factor. But for true perfume lovers, the scent is everything. For them, perfume is not just a giver of body scent but also identity. However, in order to reach more people, the price factor needs to be taken into account by perfume producers without compromising quality too much.

Fortunately, there are several brands that sell their products at affordable prices but with very good quality. One of them is Dossier and YSL. This is a perfume brand that is famous for its affordable products but with relatively higher quality than products in the same price range.

Dossier is quite popular in the perfume market for young people, helped greatly by the role of TikTok and other social media. Dossier is a provider of “premium quality perfumes that are affordable for many.” And they are really serious about it. There is transparency at every stage of production and product delivery. Every buyer is guaranteed to get the original French perfume (Grasse) with a vegan and environmentally friendly formula. Not only that, there is a 100 percent guarantee that every product is free from toxins and cruelty. And if that wasn’t enough, Dossier also contributes to charity for each of its products. As a perfume brand, Dossier can be said to be very complete!

Essentially, every Dossier product is carefully crafted, from a variety of elements blended through the highest level of manufacturing standards. At least that is what Dossier claims on his website. However, there is a special reason why Dossier is able to provide high-quality products at affordable prices. Dossier makes huge savings by eliminating expensive advertising and packaging.

Here are some of Dossier’s best-selling products

1. Floral Marshmallow

Floral Marshmallow

Sold for only $39, this perfume is made of a combination of marshmallow, orange blossom, honeysuckle, and neroli notes. This perfume is simple yet very pleasant. If you want a natural floral scent then Floral Marshmallow is one of the best options.

2. Gourmand White Flowers

This perfume offers a blend of rose, jasmine, and orchid notes with “a few touches” of caramel, berries, and green tea. Gourmand White Flowers offers a feminine and warm sensation.

3. Ambery Vanilla

Ambery vanilla

Inspired by ysl black opium, it is a perfume with a pear aroma combined with a strong liquorice scent. Having a “brightening sensation”, this perfume is perfect for young women under the age of 25.

4. Floral Honeysuckle

This perfume consists of a combination of two main scents; jasmine and tuberose. Offering sensuality, soft accents are added by honeysuckle and green leaf. Each user will always feel in the middle of a garden with various kinds of flowers.

But why is choosing your perfume so important?

Symbol of seduction par excellence, perfume embodies our image, and sublimates us on a daily basis. A true gesture of beauty, wearing perfume has become a reflex that we could no longer do without. How to choose your perfume so that it makes hearts capsize?

A fragrance that sticks to your skin

More than a simple fragrance, a perfume is a true olfactory signature. Captivating, it must mark the spirits and leave a trace of your passage. Very personal, a perfume must match you 100% and reveal who you are, from the first scent. To choose it well, you should adapt it according to your personality, age, or even desires. Are you a little lost in the middle of all these juices?

Express your personality

One thing is certain, your perfume should reflect your personality and help you feel confident, more than ever. To decide to succumb, you need to take a close look at the olfactory families. These categories, six in number, reveal your character and your desires. It’s up to you to know what you want to reveal about your personality:

– Citrus fruits: synonymous with freshness and lightness, fragrances with citrus notes from this family correspond to dynamic, motivating, and playful personalities.

– Florals: iris, jasmine, or lily of the valley, they are perfect for warm and very fulfilled people.

– Chypres: bergamot, rose, or patchouli, these stimulating fragrances are ideal for strong personalities, and authentic, but all in elegance.

-Orientals: musk, spices, or vanilla, these powdery perfumes reveal seductive, enigmatic, and sensual personalities!

– Aromatics: lavender, rosemary, or sage, these essences are perfect for outgoing and energetic people.

– Woody: patchouli, cedar, or sandalwood, these notes reveal an adventurous and daring soul.

In the end, perfume is an identity for some people and in order to choose the best one, there are several factors to consider. You have seen them above. And Dossier is one of the best perfume brands today thanks to its consistency in providing a variety of quality vegan perfumes at affordable prices.