Crowne Plaza Singapore Changi Airport Review

Crowne Plaza Singapore Changi Airport Review

One of the most challenging parts of travel for me is flying long distances and by the end of a flight, all I want to do is get to a hotel as fast as I can. On this occasion, I flew from Melbourne Australia to Singapore which takes around 7 hours. I landed at terminal 2 and the walk to terminal 3 where the Crowne Plaza was located, it took less than 10 minutes. So it was brilliant to be able to land and within less than 40 minutes I was already checked in at the Crowne Plaza, admiring Changi airport from the swimming pool. On many occasions staying at airport hotels for me has been very boring. But with the Crowne Plaza Singapore at Changi Airport this was not the case. The last thing I wanted to do was go to bed and it made no difference that I had to get up at 4:30 am for my early flight. This hotel had a lot of travelling buzz to it.

Crowne Plaza Singapore Changi Airport Review

Checking In

For me, I want to be able to check-in as fast as I can because I always want to get into the room and have a shower. This was very fast and the welcome was not rushed and the staff were very keen to make sure my family and I were taken to the room as fast as they could. Yes, I am an impatient character and need to be in my room fast. In entering the hotel I could see that is was running to a very high standard and that nothing regarding service and interior design was compromised. Hotel airports have the highest turnover and therefore they can tend to look drably but this was not the case here at all. The atmosphere was buzzing and it was a perfect reminder that I was on a working holiday.

Crowne Plaza Singapore Changi Airport ReviewCrowne Plaza Singapore Changi Airport ReviewCrowne Plaza Singapore Changi Airport Review

The Surroundings

For an airport, the hotel had an interesting decor and there were plenty of viewing options to appreciate aviation at its best. I loved just being here to be reminded about how fortunate we all are to be able to fly around the globe literally in a few hours. At the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, there are many eating points and places in where I could grab a bite or a drink to chill and get over my jetlag. The hotel has three restaurants and a cool looking bar in Bar 75, excellent to watch some sports with a few cocktails.

Crowne Plaza Singapore Changi Airport Review

Bar 75

The club lounge is perfectly situated next to the pool and the food and drinking options are internationally catered for all guests. The swimming pool is so much fun to explore for children because it is inspired by a jungle in the water, ready for all the hidden areas to be explored.

Crowne Plaza Singapore Changi Airport Review

Runway Room View

This was so brilliant to be able to walk in the room and look at the airplanes taking off and landing. The room was spacious and I loved the dedicated working desk which was large and with a view like I had, it was a very unique experience indeed. The simple reason every time I looked out there was an airplane and a runway staring back at me. For me, the bed at airports can but a real hit and miss but on this occasion the bed linen was beautiful and I had the best sleep. The mattress was super comfortable and the bed was so close to the window it was so much fun looking out through the late evening to see the planes come and go. I made sure my curtains were open all night. Yes, of course, you can hear the planes a bit but that is fun in itself.

Crowne Plaza Singapore Changi Airport Review

The bathroom was very large and I liked the oval bath which also had a view of my runway. Another fantastic reminder of where I was located. It was wonderful hearing the planes too as it just completed what I called my aviation luxury stay.

Crowne Plaza Singapore Changi Airport Review

Lobby Lounge Barbecue

I was asked to experience the barbecue buffet option at the Lobby Lounge. The lobby lounge is on the ground floor and is a bar area and restaurant with lots of people coming and going. This simple concept was wonderful and I am a seafood lover so I chose to mix it up with shellfish and some good Australia beef and lamb chops. The food was fresh, delicious and very yummy. The BBQ can be complemented with unlimited helpings of the salads and desserts buffet. The endless choice of drinks here was unique and I loved my vodka and lime drink. Be adventurous and ask the barman to create a unique tropical drink whilst staying here.

Crowne Plaza Singapore Changi Airport Review

Lobby Lounge

Crowne Plaza Singapore Changi Airport Review


I had to catch a 6 am flight so I opted for breakfast to go. I was impressed at the options I could choose from and I loved the packaging. The juices were very yummy and super fresh. I liked how there were plenty of fruit in my bag and some nice sandwiches and tiny muffins. The airport security allowed me to take it through. So whilst flying to Bangkok thanks to Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, my family were well fed as we landed. Which with children can be very stressing as they don’t eat when you want them too, they eat when their little tummies need too. This is why overall my luxury stay was stress-free.


This is the best airport hotel stay I have experienced so far. This is because getting to the Crowne Plaza Singapore is fast and efficient. The staff are warm and very accommodating. The hotel itself is a very high standard with plenty of options for me who was suffering from jetlag. I was not alone and met other people staying here all from around the globe.  Which made my stay so much more interesting. Everyone here is in a fabulous mood and because the hotel looks and feels wonderful. This is why if I need an airport stay in Singapore then Crowne Plaza Changi Airport is my perfect stress-free luxury location.

Best of all now is you can also use the Crowne Plaza Changi Aiport during the day as they now rent rooms on 8-hour basis –


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