Cufflink Gift Ideas – 4 Different Styles To Suit You

Cufflink Gift Ideas – 4 Different Styles To Suit You

When it comes to the finishing touches to a well-constructed three-piece suit, men’s cufflink is key linchpins that hold everything together, both literally and figuratively. A well-selected spark of wrist décor can bring an outfit together in a stylistic flourish, while a misfire in this area can divert an entire ensemble into territories of dull and drab design. To guide any potential gift giver through the waters of wristwear, consider the following categories as you sample your generous selection.

Occasion/Formal Cufflinks

When it comes to events like corporate celebrations, charity fundraisers, or any number of other formal occasions where style is not just implied but expected, cufflink design choice must be approached with care. If you intend to give someone a cufflink set that could be used on an occasion such as this, the watchwords are ‘subtlety’ and ‘elegance’. Overdesigned novelty and radical intricacy will not do at all well here. Nor will flamboyant foppery or caddish colourfulness. Black, silver, white, red, blue. These are the mainstays of the colour spectrum here, possibly with some gold and yellow thrown in for good measure. The goal here is to be an accessory that is barely noticed, but if focused on it can still be appreciated. Too many design elements will overpower this aim.


Interest/Passion Cufflinks

These are more apt for everyday wear, or if the intended gift recipient has a particular event where self-expression is a key priority. Weddings are a key example of this. The groom and his ushers and/or groomsmen may wish to choose a themed accessory that represents some aspect of the groom’s personality, identity, or passions. The array of options here are quite mind-boggling. Everything from the specific, such as the crest of a particular sports team or a representation of a key item of sporting equipment (golf club, tennis racket), to a love of engineering represented with cogs and gears in Tateossian’s stylish brushed metallic range. If you want to offer a gift that shows how well you know a person, and how much you want them to put their best foot forward, a set of cufflinks selected with interests in mind would be perfect.

Personalised Cufflinks

Monograms and defined details of personalisation are mainstays of men’s fashion. Everything from embroidered initials into pocket squares, to leather wallets with a small collection meaningful letters embossed into place, and even tie clips displaying an engraved character or two, to mark the owner and their stylistic intent. Personalised cufflinks are general subtler in style to give more space for the letters they display and let the fact that they have been personalised speak for itself. Entirely apt for formal events or more expressive occasions, these cufflinks make excellent gift options, especially when the engraving is meaningful, but unexpected – such as the location of a key Bible verse, or maybe a set of GPS co-ordinates marking a meaningful place.


Colourful Cufflinks

Colour is often a key part of self-expression and a vital aspect of tying an outfit together. If the culmination of your nuptials is approaching, and you should you encounter wedding planner with a particular key eye for style, they will likely very well appreciate the stylish pop and sizzle that a colour co-ordinated set of cufflinks can add to well-considered wedding décor. But it doesn’t just need to be a special occasion that justifies this kind of extra special splash of extravagance. Maybe you have a friend or partner who you think particularly suits a special shirt or suit jacket selection, and a gift like this reinforces your words on this subject with a generous action.

However you make your selection, when it comes to cufflink choice you can hold on to this truth with confidence. If the intended recipient is someone with a sense of style and an appreciation of sartorial elegance, their thanks for this gift will go far beyond the traditional refrain of ‘it’s the thought that counts’. Protection Status

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