The Complete Guide On Buying An Engagement Ring For Men

The Complete Guide On Buying An Engagement Ring For Men

Men deserve to don an equally stunning engagement ring like women. The Internet is full of advice or tips on buying engagement rings for women but you will find very little information about engagement ring for men. You probably don’t need to consider as many things or styles when buying a ring for a guy but there are things you need to consider.

The following are some actionable tips from Emily of Fergus James, a diamond jewelry business that is known for its custom-designed engagement rings in Dubai.

Setting The Budget And Doing Your Research

We see so many searches like “how much to spend on an engagement ring”, which is strange. Because you really shouldn’t be asking this question from others. There’s no set rule and you need to spend what you are comfortable spending. You might find obsolete advice like spend two or three months’ salary but that doesn’t make any sense.

Your budget needs to be based on your own financial position and circumstances. Some men would prefer to buy their own as well as their spouse’s engagement ring – thus, ramping up the budget. But many women would be delighted to choose their partner’s engagement ring.

Once you have decided who is going to be paying for the ring, you need to set up a feasible budget. Diamond engagement rings are not cheap but there are several ways to manage the cost like choosing specific cuts, shapes, or sizes of diamonds. This will require thorough research – both online and in the marketplace. One good thing about engagement rings is that you will get an asset that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Determining Your Style

Once your budget is set, you can start to choose between many different styles. Following are some options that you can choose from:

engagement ring

Simplistic Design

If you are not a huge fan of gaudy, over-the-top jewelry, a simple gold, silver, platinum, or titanium engagement band shall work for you. They are durable, require minimal maintenance, and give a subtle look.

The Stylish, Modern Rings

Your ring doesn’t have to be as simple as a wedding band. There are a lot of intricate designs for men’s rings. You can choose abstract rings, with carvings, inlays, engravings on the inside, stones in channel settings, or stacked rings that can be noticed from miles away. Do not be scared of taking away a little attention from your spouse’s rings

Monochromatic Look

Many guys prefer going for monochromatic rings with platinum bands and colorless diamonds because it gives a power statement. Black gold with black diamonds is classic and the same goes for matte black tungsten rings. These do not look out of place in a professional setting like offices.

Matching Engagement Rings

Most men tend to opt for matching rings a simpler version of their spouse’s ring. These may have a similar setting, stone with the same cut and color, or the same metal. It has to be a round cut or cushion cut diamond because pear-shaped or heart-shaped diamonds won’t look good on men. Matching rings look great in engagement photographs and signify synchronicity and understanding between the couple.


Traditional Rings

These are usually unanimously agreed upon by the fiancé, as well as the spouses’ family. Thus, it has beautifully arranged rubies, emeralds, diamonds, or sapphires in traditional settings. These rings not only signify the commitment between the partners but are also a token of love and respect from the family. These are high maintenance rings that may also be passed down through generations.

Double Metal Rings

If you are looking for something unique and out of the box, check out the double metal rings. These are curated without any flashy stones, but two contrasting precious metals make the body of the ring – subtle, yet eye-catching!

Compare different options and try a custom ring if you cannot find something that meets your requirements or budgets. After all, it is your hard-earned money, and jewellery stores will be happy to help you create your own ring. Protection Status

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