David Beckham Style Icon – How To Emulate His Looks

David Beckham Style Icon – How To Emulate His Looks

David Beckham with Long Hair and diamond earrings

David Beckham Look

David Beckham is not afraid of image changes. How do you adopt a David look? Which of his style will you try to emulate? Here is a practical guide on the basics of fashion rules he uses. This way you can try his different looks and make them work for you.

13 Tips To Emulate His Looks
  1. Change – Don’t be afraid to change your look and image.
  2. Accessories – Scarves the right colour and pattern for you, leather belts, fat wallets, men’s leather bags. Chunky men’s leather shoes. Again what looks best on you.
  3. Layering – Master the art of layering, proving a success every time. Dress shirt or t-shirt, along with an overcoat or cardigan.
  4. Hair Wax – choose one of his hair styles that suits your hair type and face.
  5. Cardigans – David is just wearing t-shirt and jeans, the t-shirts are usually layered. To make an outfit complete, you need to find that 3rd piece to incorporate in. Don’t be afraid of trends.
  6. Plaid shirts – Chose your colour and go with what is in trend right now and change it as you feel.
  7. Sunglasses – choose the eyewear colour and size for you. He loves aviators but it may not look good on you.
  8. Hats – Any kind of hats what suits your face and choose the right colour for your skin.
  9. Underwear – H&M David’s own collection.
  10. Suits – Vests, dark suits in colour, pinstripe, choose what you like and add an edgy accessory to it. Leather belt, chunky bracelet etc.
  11. Skin Care – David is not afraid to get a facial scrub or use men’s facial skincare. Get a good shaving kit as well.
  12. Fitness – Go to the gym or play football (you don’t have to be as good as he is)
  13. Tattoos – David is the master of Tattoos. His are well thought out and not a rushed job.

David Beckham his looks on the football field and off the field
His on and off field image is very different

David Beckham as the Olympic ambassador wearing the Torch

This is how every man should dress carrying the Olympic torch

David Beckham Master of the modern Tattoo and wearing a hat

The master of the modern tattoo

David Beckham loves Male grooming- getting makeup applied

He loves male grooming

David Beckham wearing a baseball jacket and having a beard

David Beckham wearing glasses and sitting at a school bench

He embraces new trends all the time

David Beckham showing 6 hairstyles he had through the years. More to follow.
He is not afraid of hair change

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