David Gandy – What’s Your Legacy?

David Gandy – What’s Your Legacy?

The last time I interviewed David Gandy was way back in 2014. The first time I interviewed him was back in 2013 when I had no idea who this famous man was that was marketing underwear and perfume. I guess looking back I had no idea what I was doing, and also my social media channels were still in their infancy. I had no idea that what I was doing was very new and I was somehow very intimidating to the fashion industry. You have to understand that me going up with a camera in your face and asking questions out of the blue was not protocol. I have since been told PRs and the British Fashion Council, find it very offensive if you bypass them without booking an interview. To date, the British Fashion Council and PR’s have never had a protocol put in place on how social media influences such as my self have to adhere to when it comes to interviewing requests at London Collections:Men.

But let me make one thing very clear. I am invited to the events from the designers themselves, due to my influence and as the owner of MenStyleFashion.  When you see my interviews,  I  always asked the person or in some cases if the PR is there, if I can interview them. So I did ask David Gandy if we could have a chat in June 2016. I think it’s very obvious, don’t you that he said yes!

The way social media works, for those that don’t understand it is very simple. I am back in 2016 and I am still using the same tactics, I like my interviews raw and spontaneous, it is something different from the choreographed interviews. It is about capturing that given moment when the person presents themselves. This for traditional PR’s and organisations such as the British Fashion Council can be very unsettling. I can only assume is that they can’t control the moment, let alone the questions that are being asked.

Social media has come in leaps and bounds over the years and photos and videos are now the norms on channels like Instagram, Facebook, Periscope and Twitter. It is my way of communicating with my followers where I am as the female voice for menswear.


Shot by Maria Scard

David Gandy Interviews

I have not been to LC:M for three seasons, and I thought as the female voice for menswear I better come back and check it all out. Since my last interview, David Gandy fans were always wanting more from me and I am thankful for their support and to Laura.  No long interview this time but a series of snippets all distributed on my social media channels.

Daniel Craig summed it well in the James Bond movie Casino Royal: “It’s amazing what I can do with your little finger.” This was all conducted with my little finger on my mobile in David Gandy’s face,  literally.



Shot by Maria Scard

David Gandy - Male Model 2016 photography gracie opulanza (2)

London Collections: Men

It was London Collections: Men – the bi-annual fashion week in London dedicated to men. Alongside this, I have created Luxury Week Men. I looked at my diary and noticed the catwalk was not to far away, there were about 78 shows and presentations over four days.  It’s a very fast pace, and when you bump into someone like David, you can’t miss the opportunity. Now I never interview with my phone much and clearly on this occasion I wanted to pick up his voice. So it really is literally in his face and sorry to all who find it a tad too close. But hey that is what social media is all about. Living in the now and getting moments where things come as they are and we do not have time to overthink things.

Yes, that is the very opposite of what fashion is all about. I like to say on these few days I captured a very different David Gandy. I was very chilled and here is the little conversation I had with David. As I saw him in though out the day I thought why not take some shots too.



David Gandy - Male Model 2016 photography gracie opulanza (5)

Davdi Gandy - Belstaff 2016 photography gracie opulanza (3)

David Gandy 2016 Shots by Gracie Opulanza (1)


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