Darren Charman – Artycouture and Part Time Style Icon

Darren Charman – Artycouture and Part Time Style Icon
Darren Charman - London Collections men
Darren Charman has been to every London Fashion week event for many years. You can spot him instantly by what he is holding. Who is the Man Behind the briefcase and other portable art? What is Artycouture? Why am I even talking about him?  You know Darren always says, Angels cannot sing all the time. But hanging about with Darren I am always singing. Because he takes and makes so much effort to look this stylish all the time. We need so many more men to at least head this way and be inspired. His fashion trends are for people who are looking to stand out in a world of ever changing and fast paced fashion!
The name  ‘artycouture’  was formed with a way of combining Art & Couture together and specialising in ‘fashion-proof’ accessories for everyone. By using collage and mixed media to create ethical, re-cycled and original portable art. But for me it’s much more than that. Why does Darren do what he does all the time every single day?

Vogue and every Bloody Vogue

Why is it that men like this starts to get noticed? Because men notice the detail. They too want to start breaking the mould of fast fashion. They too are ready to get noticed as men who love to dress up and well. Darren Started five years ago showcasing his work in some of London’s finest Markets and sponsored exhibitions in France. Darren has been featured in magazines such as Esta in the Nederlands. He also has Exhibited throughout London appearing at some of London’s Top fashion events including London Fashion Week. He was spotted in Vogue fashion festival carrying his Gold Vogue Briefcase wearing his gold and black Fabian Zacari Jacket. His suitcase has literally been widely photographed for various other magazine publications and newspaper articles throughout the United Kingdom, USA, and Europe. Rightly so.

Suitcase fashion for men artycouture by Darren Charman

Darren – Dressing Up All The Vogue Time

It comes to know surprise that, Darren was at the recent Bafta Television Awards with Alan Carr. He chose to wear some of his favourite brands exhibiting a Fabian Zacari Tuxedo. His Look is, Contemporary, Edgy,Stylish & Fashion-proof. His Favourite Brands currently  are Fabian Zacari, Bonavita ,& United Nude. His style is always influenced by travelling, reading and taking black & white photography. But most of all he is inspired by hanging about positive people. Darren is always looking for unique ideas to express who he is. For him it’s a clear message that when you take the time to dress well.Then you are the man leading the way for men wanting to understand that embracing style and fashion is a skill and requires thought and effort. So be inspired and take note. Dress up and dress well.

London Collection Men

Darren Charman - London Collections men (


Darren Charman - London Collections men


Darren Charman - London Collections men

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