Desigual – Graffiti Art Shirts & Flamboyant Colours

Desigual – Graffiti Art Shirts & Flamboyant Colours

Desigual Shirts Spring Summer 2012 - colourful shirts


The world cannot get enough of this label called Desigual. This casual clothing brand based in Barcelona, Spain has expanded rapidly around Europe in the last year. What is it about this Spanish label that literally  has us running when it comes to buying it?

Desigual has reinvented the art of  patchwork designs. It’s intense prints, innovative graffiti art and flamboyant splashes of colour just looks amazing both on every level.  To look at it on the coat hanger you think how can that look casual and cool. Trust me from personal experiences, this labels clothing style literally turns heads when you are wearing it.

Desigual is not for the fashion fainted hearted, infact you can’t be afraid of colour or prints. This label when it comes to men shirts literally walks all over any other label.

Would You Wear Desigual

The prints are outrageous, the style of the shirts are slimming, therefore  not gracious to any man that has a gut. Keeping the gym in mind, its a brand that you need to introduce yourself to gently. The shop decor is as creative and orginal as the clothes themselves. I have witness people literally being overwhelmed by its eccentric collection.

The collection concept is retained right through out each season, but the key here is to choose the right colour combination that suits your skin tone. Men embrace Desigual with a sense of fashion vulnerability, trust me when you buy your first outfit you will be hooked.


Desigual Men's Shirts Spring Summer 2012 -  Eric Monjoin showing of new and good collection


Desigual Men's Shirts Spring Summer 2012 - 2    Eric Monjoin

Desigual Men's Shirts Spring Summer 2012 - 3    Eric Monjoin

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