Different Types of Fabrics for Men’s Suits

Different Types of Fabrics for Men’s Suits

Men must have at least one or two suits to wear on formal occasions or events. There are ready to wear suits that you can find, but they may need some alterations to get the perfect fit. Plus, they might not have everything that you want. It’s a better option to have one customised to ensure that it fits you like a glove and that you love every detail of it. One of the things to consider for the suit is the fabric. There are different fabrics that you can use, like velvet, wool and fleece. Dalston Mill Fabrics has a wide variety of these materials so you will have a broad range of choices. Here are some of them.


  • 100% wool. It’s the most popular fabric for suits that is ideal if you are after a classic look. If you are eyeing a versatile piece that you can easily match with other clothing and will work for different occasions and seasons, wool is a perfect choice. It’s soft, warm, breathable and doesn’t easily wrinkle, although it may appear bulky.
  • Flannel. Also called brushed wool, this fabric is more form-fitting than 100% wool. If you want a slimmer fit, it’s one of your top options. It’s soft, lightweight and comfortable and can be used not only on formal events but for casual occasions and settings too. Since it’s easy to maintain, a suit with this type of fabric will be great for travelling.
  • Velvet. It’s the fabric to go with if you want to shine among the crowd. You will get that elegant and luxurious feel with velvet, while still having comfort because of its softness and breathability. Since it’s a thicker material, it will give you warmth on a cold day, but it may not be the best choice during summertime or when the temperature is high.
  • Fleece. This type of fabric is soft, warm, and it doesn’t itch. It’s also lightweight and easy to wash and dry. However, it may crease easily after washing, so it may look worn out fast.
  • Poly Blend. It’s a blend of two different types of fabrics that include polyester and wool or viscose. Some of the advantages of poly-blend fabrics are their resistance to creases and their softness. They are also easy to wear, provide insulation, and hold their form well for an extended period.
  • Cotton. It’s another classic fabric for a suit that you can wear any time of the year. If you are looking for a natural material with the most breathability and comfort, cotton is an excellent choice for you. It’s generally lightweight, although you can still find one with heavier weight, especially if you want the suit to keep its form.
  • Linen. It’s lighter than cotton and breathable too, making it perfect for the summer months. Pair it with darker clothing pieces, and you will have a formal look. Match it with lighter and more casual items for a less formal feel.

Aside from choosing the fabric for the suit, you need to make sure that it has the perfect fit so it will not only look good on you, but you will also feel confident and comfortable.


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