Boxers vs. Briefs – But What About Trunks?

Boxers vs. Briefs – But What About Trunks?

Unless you’re still living like a prehistoric man and sporting a loincloth, chances are you’ve heard the question―boxers or briefs? For most guys, that’s not a difficult question. But what if there were another option? What if, in the great boxers versus briefs debate, the answer is neither?

A “Brief” Glance at the History of Men’s Underwear

Did you ever wonder how boxers got their name? They were originally made for, then named after, actual boxers. Think about the gym short-like bottoms boxers wear nowadays. They’re loose, breathable, and have an elastic band, which was the defining factor in the new design created by Jacob Golomb. This style was far more practical for fighters and, Jacob thought, for the rest of the male population. However, boxers didn’t get their big break until their rivals, briefs, came on the scene.

Underwear wasn’t always looked on as a fashion choice like it is now. When briefs were invented, their main purpose was to provide support, not style. While today there are colors and patterns galore for both boxers and briefs, back in the 30s there was just one option―tighty whities. Today, these white cotton briefs are more likely to be a gag gift than an actual underwear choice, but when they were invented they were revolutionary.

Inspired by men’s bathing suits, briefs represented a turning point, because it was the first time since the loincloth that men’s underwear was legless. That might not seem like much now, but after decades of restriction and discomfort, briefs were a welcome sight. The rise of briefs contributed to the rise in popularity of boxers, and thus the new era of underwear was born. For a long time, that was the end of the story. Now, however, a new chapter is being written.


How Trunks Fit Into All of This

Trunks are the next revolution in men’s underwear. Sure, there have been a few additions here and there as well as some…reductions (men’s thongs, anyone?). But in general, things were pretty much the same until trunks came along.

Trunks are a hybrid of briefs and boxer briefs. The main difference you’ll notice right away is that they’re shorter than boxers and boxer briefs, have a more squared appearance, and they’re rapidly overtaking the underwear industry. The evolution of skivvies isn’t over yet.


You might be wondering why this matters.
What’s the point?
Underwear is underwear, right? Not so fast.

The Benefits of Trunks

Just as boxers and briefs were both improvements on braies and drawers, trunks are the next step. They’re the middle ground, the goldilocks zone, and the perfect way to combine support and comfort. You don’t have to choose between constricting briefs and loose boxers anymore.

The main benefit that draws guys to trunks is that they don’t ride up the way boxers and boxer briefs do. Heck, even briefs have a tendency to wander where they shouldn’t. Nothing is more annoying than feeling that things have shifted and not being able to do anything about it. It’s not exactly office appropriate to reach in and readjust, nor is it a very attractive move. So what are you supposed to do, suffer in silence?

Trunks don’t bunch, they don’t chaff, and they don’t go anywhere. Since the legs are shorter, you don’t have to worry about everyday movements causing them to get up in your business. They’re also far more versatile. Let’s face it, no one wants to have to think about what underwear goes with their outfit. We’re not talking matching here, we’re talking “Can I exercise in these without putting on a show?” and “Do these briefs show through my pants?” Women aren’t the only ones who deal with “panty lines,” and you know it. Trunks take care of the problem, because they’re good for everything from playing sports, to grabbing a beer, to attending conferences.

Another consideration that’s a little more serious is the effect of briefs on sperm count. It’s not the fact that they’re tighter that’s concerning, it’s that they raise the temperature down there, which your boys don’t like. If you’re worried about starting a family but aren’t comfortable in boxers, trunks are a good alternative. While there have been no studies involving trunks specifically, the fact is that they’re less constricting, meaning they won’t act like they’re greenhouse gases and your testicles are the Earth.

The great debate between boxers and briefs has another contender, but trunks are already showing promise as the ultimate winner. Whether you’re after comfort, support, or versatility, trunks deliver. It’s time to toss out your funny boxers with a smiley face and those out of style tighty whities, and switch to the underwear made for the lifestyle of modern men. Protection Status

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