Casinos are fun places to go to, and they can occasionally prove quite lucrative. However, although the environment can be fun, the dress code isn’t. Most casinos around the world have a dress code that is more sophisticated than you may think. Having said that, the dress code has changed slightly in recent years to accommodate people who tend to dress more casually. This is not to say that you should go to a casino dressed in sweatpants – the rules are not that relaxed.

Let’s take a look at some expert style tips that can help you to dress suitably for your time at the casino:

Dressing casually

Many land-based casinos have broken with tradition and now allow their guests to wear clothes that are a little more casual. Women, for example, can wear a skirt, or jeans and a plain T-shirt. Shorts tend to only be accepted during the day. The evening and night ask for a more formal outfit.

Men can also wear jeans and a plain T-shirt during the day. Again, more formal clothing will be required in the evening and night.

It’s best to do your research before you visit. It would be a shame if you dressed casually, only to find that you were denied entry. If you’re unsure as to how you should dress, opt for a smarter outfit. If, however, you prefer to avoid the complication of how you should dress, you could opt to use online, fast paying casinos, and establish your own dress code.

Casual-formal outfits

If you would like to dress more formally but still be comfortable, opt for a more casual-formal look. Women may want to consider wearing a long skirt or cocktail dress. If you only have a short dress, it’s likely that it will be accepted, but it’s best to double-check.

Men can wear a smart shirt and a pair of smart pants. Some places will allow men to wear polo shirts, should they wish to. Just make sure yours is clean and has few or no logos.

Business wear

All casinos are happy to admit a man who is wearing a suit. Attire such as this can help you to stand out from the crowd a little. Men should opt for a darker suit and a pair of formal shoes. A tie should also be worn, as it can finish a suit off quite nicely.

Women may want to opt for a long skirt, as a shorter style may not be allowed – it all depends on the casino and what its desired dress code is. However, some casinos are satisfied if women wear a blouse and a blazer.

If you do choose to wear business attire during the day, you may not need to change for the evening. Chances are your daywear will be suitable for the evening.

Less well-known casinos

You may find that some of the lesser-known casinos tend to have a more relaxed dress code. This is probably because they want to welcome as many guests as possible. However, a dress code is still likely to exist. Be sure to leave your shorts and beach footwear at home. Tennis shoes and jeans, as well as plain T-shirts, are probably fine for men. Women can typically wear a skirt with tennis shoes, or jeans and a plain T-shirt.

Internationally renowned casinos

Internationally renowned casinos tend to have a stricter dress code. They have an image to present to the world, and they want to be known for their sophistication and style. This is why they may be very strict about their dress code.

Men should typically wear a suit and tie. Women are usually asked to wear a cocktail dress. Anything that deviates from this strict dress code may not be acceptable. This is why it always pays to do your research before you set foot in a casino.

Consider taking a backup outfit with you. It’s always a good idea to have a spare outfit just in case what you have chosen to wear is not suitable. Alternatively, the outfit you plan to wear may get dirty somehow. This is why a spare can be something of a lifesaver. Consider having a more formal outfit with you. Chances are if you are refused entry because of what you’re wearing, you’ll be asked to wear something more formal – it’s most unlikely that you will be asked to wear something less formal.

Use the above tips to help you dress correctly for the casino you’re about to visit – knowing what is appropriate to wear can save you a lot of time.