Autumn – 4 Useful Fashion Tips

Autumn – 4 Useful Fashion Tips

Now that it’s the start of autumn, it’s time to change up your wardrobe and update your personal style! Just because you might not be able to wear your favourite t-shirts and shorts anymore, doesn’t mean that you can’t look stylish in coats, ankle boots and layers. Autumn is the time of year where you can start to bring back in your warmer footwear and cosy knit jumpers. Light jackets and layering your clothes are just some ways that you can change up your fashion style ready for the colder months. If you’re struggling for how you can change your style up and get a completely new wardrobe, take inspiration from Alexander McQueens 2016 autumn runway or take a look at our 4 useful tips:


Change To More Suitable Footwear

In autumn, it’s likely that your days will be spent in the pouring rain rather than the glorious sunshine. When the weather is wet and cold it’s wise to update your outfits with more suitable footwear. Rather than trainers, why not start wearing ankle boots? Ankle boots are an excellent option to choose when you want more durable shoes in the colder months. Chelsea boots are a smart option to wear, especially for the office. For a more relaxed look at the weekend, Doc Martens are great to wear with comfy jeans and jumpers.


 Wear More Layers

The weather can be unpredictable at times, making it a lot harder to decide what to wear. During September, there is a likely chance that some days will still be quite warm. However, October might bring some much colder days. If you’re unsure about what to wear during these months, then wearing layers can be a smart option to choose. Layering with lightweight jumpers, scarves, or jackets, is great as you can always take layers off if the weather gets hotter. If your morning starts out colder, then you can always add some more layers to keep you warm until it gets warmer later on in the day.

 Take Light Jackets 

Although you might be used to leaving your jacket at home in the summer months, autumn is the time of year where it is wise to take one with you. Compared to winter, autumn usually requires a light jacket rather than a heavy one. Taking a light jacket out with you is a good idea as it will keep you warm if the temperatures start to drop. Choosing the right jacket is just one key piece that can help you upgrade your personal style this autumn. From denim jackets to trench coats, there are many styles of jackets to choose from that can help you create a stylish autumnal look.

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Add Scarf For A Finish Look

On the much colder days, you can easily finish off your autumnal outfit by wearing a stylish scarf. Scarves are just one accessory that can look great paired with a warm knit jumper, leather jacket, and boots. For a cold morning you can opt for a thicker scarf and for the warmer days you can choose ones in thinner materials. Wearing a scarf is a great way to add more colour and pattern to your autumn outfit. Plaid and stripes are just some interesting patterns that you can use to finish your look. If you’re looking to make a bold impression, then mustard is a popular eye-catching you could also wear. Another finishing touch may be your favourite pair of high end cufflinks, or luxury watch.

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