While picking out the bride’s dress might seem like the main event, don’t count out how a group of fly looking groomsmen can glow up your wedding day photos. The men’s look doesn’t stop with a freshly pressed black tux either. There are so many accessories and final details you can add to make sure everyone is looking their best on your big day.

No matter if you’re having a traditional wedding, a destination wedding, or even a virtual wedding during a global pandemic, these groomsmen wedding attire tips will make sure you have the best looking group of guys around.

Ties And Bow Ties

Bow ties are totally in right now, but traditional ties can look great as well. The most important thing is that all the groomsmen match and that the colour reflects the wedding palette you’ve chosen. Ties and bow ties come in different fabrics such as wool, silk, and satin. They can be plain coloured, colour-blocked, striped, checkered, or patterned in some other way. The ties can look very formal or you can use them to add a bit of colour or flair to the tux.


Cufflinks can be easily overlooked by those who don’t often dress in suits, but these tiny accessories can pack a powerful style and sophistication punch. Cufflinks can range from humble to flashy, with or without jewels, modern or artistic. If you need a little inspiration you can check out this BBC article about a man with a bit of a cufflink obsession

Cufflinks can be affordable or they can be an investment. If you’re looking for a great groomsman gift, monogrammed cufflinks would be a lasting choice. This is an elegant finishing touch to any formal men’s wear.

Pocket Squares

A pocket square really elevates an outfit, especially a formal one. Traditionally pocket squares were white handkerchiefs folded and sticking slightly out of the breast pocket. Today they are fashion statements with colours and patterns and a few different ways of being folded and displayed in the pocket. This is an eye-catching accessory for men that can make quite an impact on their outfit and looks stunning in photos.

The pocket square will typically match the tie in colour and fabric. Your groomsmen should choose a colour and pattern that reflects the wedding colours and overall theme. A secondary colour from your shirt or tie makes the perfect pocket square colour. Experiment with different folds and make sure everyone is matching for the big day.

Shined Shoes

Don’t just throw on your shoes and go when the wedding day arrives. A fresh polish will draw attention and provide an upscale finishing touch. You’ll want to have a few things on hand, such as shoe soap, shoe polish, a polishing cloth, a firm brush, and a clean rag. A wax polish will give the shoes an extra shine. To shine your shoes, don’t wear them while you polish. Remove the laces, fill the shoe with newspaper, and clean them before polishing. When you are finished, allow the shoes to dry for 20 to 30 minutes before lacing them up and putting them on.

Add A Vest Or Some Suspenders

A vest transforms a two-piece suit into a three-piece suit and that’s a major formal upgrade. The vests can all be the same colour or a bolder move would be to have a few different colours or shades in the mix. Both vests and cummerbunds are great ways to make a suit or tux look even more high-end. You can go for classic colours or add some flair with bright colours or patterns.

Suspenders can create a throw-back look that will have all the ladies swooning. Not only do they hold your pants up for you while you dance the night away at the reception, but they add an extra hint of style under that stuffy suit jacket. Suspenders and a bow tie can seal the deal on a unique wedding day look.

A Fresh Haircut And Shave

While it might take the bride and her ladies a lot longer to get ready for the main event, groomsmen shouldn’t forget their actual grooming. Make sure to get a fresh haircut up to a week before the wedding and shave your face on the day itself. Men with beards should groom their facial hair on the big day as well. Trim, comb, and moisturize, gentlemen. You can’t be looking scruffy when all eyes will be on you walking down the aisle next to the beautiful bridesmaids.

Matching Socks

Matching socks are a fun tradition that you can use to unify your group of friends and have a little fun as well. Socks may or may not be seen in small flashes on your wedding day and that allows you to play a bit with colours and styles. To provide that touch of organized and unified fun, everyone should have matching socks. The colours and styles can match the wedding colours or could be something entirely different that has meaning for the groom and his best buddies. Black silk socks might be traditional but since they are hidden for the most part no one will know if you slip an inside joke in there or go for a fun colour.

Companies such as No Cold Feet have customizable groomsmen sock gift sets that can be a nice extra gift for your wedding party. The groom can have some fun picking out the socks for this very important event and share them with his family and friends who are helping him celebrate.

You are now ready to assemble your groomsmen and make sure they look their best on this most important of days. If you still think fresh-looking groomsmen can’t make or break your wedding day photos, just look at these stunning men in their unique poses in this Huffington Post article.