Italy is one of those countries in which fashion is being made, and you know it. Probably most of your favorite brands originated in this beautiful European country too. So there is nothing surprising to know that many Italians know how to dress to impress and know what is in that season.

Today we are going to talk a bit about how Italian men understand fashion and what can we learn from that as well. Maybe that will inspire you, and you might bring some new flavors into your wardrobe too!

Investing In High-Quality Clothing Will Always Pay Off

Of course! I can bet that you have never seen a stylish looking person who wears old or second-hand bought clothing. And Italian gentlemen know this too, and this is why they shop for real clothing, from high-quality materials and don’t mind spending a bit more – that will pay off initially anyways. First of all, because logically you will look good, and second of all, you won’t need to buy new clothing every season. If you buy classic wardrobe elements that can work for many coming seasons, you will actually save money because they won’t rip off so quickly as well.

But this tip might have some cons too. And probably the biggest one is the price of those high-quality clothing. Yes, nice and classic black suit might cost you a few hundred of dollars, but if you know a few tricks, you can afford that very easily! For instance, at JCPenney stores, you can find pretty nice clothing made from great quality materials, and with the right discount codes you can definitely afford even the priciest suit a lot easier! So investing in high-quality clothing is not that hard. End of speech!

Wearing Sunglasses Are Cool, And You Know It

In many movies and Italian streets, it is hard to find a man who is not wearing sunglasses. Really hard! Even then it is night, or cloudy, or whatever – a real Italian man won’t leave this house without a pair of well-suited sunglasses.

Italian Men Fashion Sense Sunglasses and cup of Coffee

Italian men love to wear sunglasses.

Everyone instantly looks better in sunglasses, but choosing one is not that easy. You have to take a look at your face shape and stick to the universal rules like if you have a round jaw, definitely buy square or rectangular framed glasses. If square jaw – round frame. It is also good to know that aviator glasses actually work on every single face shape, so you will never miss the shot buying those too.

Men Can And Should Wear Color

Italian men do not care what other people talk about them, so you can usually see one walking on the street in a bright pink t-shirt, and he will still look super confident and super stylish. In fact, Italian men wear as much color as women, and you should not be afraid of doing the same thing too.

The key is to pick washed-out, soft shades, so it still is elegant, adult and stylish. The styling here won’t be complicated either, just pick one somewhat bolder shade and pair with more standard colors to keep things from getting out of hand. Voila – you are super stylish and bold. Just like real Italian fellow.

Texture, Texture, and Texture

If there is one thing that Italian men really know, is that details are crucial. Therefore, instead of wearing a matte poplin shirt with a flat mohair costume, an Italian will play with texture instead and wear a soft cotton jersey shirt with a deconstructed houndstooth cashmere blazer and a boiled wool overcoat. Contrast in texture, and mixing it up perfectly is actually the key to a successful and well looking outfit. So while shopping, definitely takes some time and study what you are actually buying. Good texture clothing will work for years, and will make you look like a gentleman within a second too.

Structure Isn’t Everything

Sounds a bit weird? I bet! But we can learn a lot from Italians, who really don’t care that much about structure at all! In fact, although the super-structured tailoring still has its place, the modern Italian look right now is softer and closer to the body. Therefore, all those masters of Italian tailoring embrace more delicate cut, and so should you! The best way to marry both structure and softness is to choose a suit with a deconstructed shoulder, a half-lining (or no lining at all), and a tapered trouser. With a suit like that, you will look like million bucks. So give it a try, maybe?

Italian men fashion sense leather jacket sitting on chair terrace

Leather Jacket and Layering, this Italian has it down to a tee.