Download These iOS Apps And Enjoy Fun At Your Fingertips!

Download These iOS Apps And Enjoy Fun At Your Fingertips!

Do you have an iOS smartphone? Want to keep yourself entertained? These top iOS apps will turn your handset into a hub of fun and excitement.

The Apple iPhone remains one of the world’s most popular smartphones, and it’s not hard to see why this is the case. The outstanding performance, iconic design and advanced hardware all add up to one pretty impressive device. However, a major drawback is navigating the sheer number of apps available on the app store. Want to read a book? Listen to music? Play a game? No problem – everything you need is right there on your device! So, how can you turn your phone into the ultimate hub of fun? Here are some of the best iOS apps available for download today.

 Download These iOS Apps And Enjoy Fun At Your Fingertips!

Betting Apps

Whether you’re already a keen online gamer or whether you just love the idea of placing a wager on your favourite team from your device while you’re on the go, a free betting app is just what you need to get started. The App Store is loaded with amazing options. Free to download, these fun apps let you access Vegas-style poker rooms at any time. You can join other players in a simulated environment where you’re able to select your own stakes and play hands regardless of your level of skill.

Workout Apps

If your idea of entertainment is to get active, you need a workout app to get you up off the sofa and getting physical. For those who are short of time or motivation, Seven – 7 Minute Workout is just what you need. This app lets you boost your personal fitness, shed the pounds and boost your strength by guiding you through daily exercise routines that last just 7 minutes without any need for extra gym equipment.

Listening To Music

When it comes to listening to music from your handset, there’s one app that outperforms most of the music apps available today.  Spotify costs just a small fee per month and gives you access to a host of Discographies spanning over multiple music genres. Spotify lets you listen to entire albums and allows you to create your own top playlists, conveniently and quickly. With Spotify you can listen to all your favourite tunes no matter where you are.

Listen To The Radio

Whether you love talk radio, tunes, news or sports, TuneIn Radio is just the app you need on your phone. Giving users access to 120,000 live radio stations from across the globe, it’s the go-to for all your listening needs. You can listen to thousands of stations for free, or pay a small monthly fee to gain access to live NHL, NBA, MLB or NFL games.

Make Music

If your idea of a good time is making music rather than listening to it, GarageBand is your top app for download to your iPhone. Here, you can pick from an array of instruments and tools to compose your own tunes and songs from the palm of your hand.

Read The News

If you want to know what’s going on in the world around you, The New York Times app brings this world-famous publication right to your small phone screen. You’ll see breaking stories and morning briefings, all compiled by top journalists and you’ll even be able to save your favourite articles to read offline later.

Try Your Hand At Photography

If you love snapping images of your friends and things around you, download Snapseed to your device. This editing app gives your professional-grade functionality without having to spend a cent. Operated via sliders which easily allow you to change a vast amount of settings, this app lets you achieve the perfect effect with every shot. There’s even an automatic alerting system if you’re in a rush as well as plenty of filters to add to your images.

Read A Book

Amazon is already king in the ebook world, and you can download its Kindle app for free, letting you read your favourite books no matter where you may be using your handset. Every book in your existing Amazon library is right there in the palm of your hand, and for just a small monthly fee you can subscribe to the Kindle Unlimited service where you can read as many titles as you can handle. Protection Status

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