Technology and Fashion in 2016

Technology and Fashion in 2016

Conventionally, all things tech were regarded as the preserve of nerds and loners, and not the thing of haute couture and good style. This is undoubtedly no longer the case. Technology is cool, and if it wants to sell, it has to be a little sexy too.

Arguably this change was initiated by the venerated Steve Jobs. Before the release of the iPod, the tech pioneer famously said, ‘We made the buttons on the screen look so good you’ll want to lick them.’ Since the iPod, not only the buttons but the entirety of Apple’s range is beautifully crafted. Herein lies the success of the brand: the smooth surfaces, the curved corners, the lack of fuss and preserve of white and silver – all of it looks good enough to lick. And it goes without saying that the staff in Apple Stores are the best dressed on the high street. Other tech industries were quick to catch up. Here then, we have a look at the hottest trends taking off in technology in 2016.

Apple Watch

We have to start with Apple. Rumours are already rife surrounding the possible release of new products this year. Top of the list is the iPhone7 and potentially a 4-inch iPhone 6s mini. More exciting than either is the launch of the Apple Watch 2. After a significant amount of hype, the release of the first Apple Watch in April last year was an anti-climax. It was expensive, clunky, and regarded as superfluous by many. Wearable technology is here to stay however, and Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, appears adamant not to lose their head start on smart watches. In March this year he will unveil the Apple Watch 2. Incorporating face time and better sleep tracking, Cook and the team hope that this product proves more lickable than its predecessor.


Google Glass

2016 will also see the return of Google Glass. Those at Google HQ will also be hoping that the second generation of their hotly anticipated product will not be the damp squib that the first was. In 2012 Google blundered into the fashion scene dressing models on the runway at the Diane Von Furstenberg show at New York Fashion Week in Google glasses. The futuristic frames were more Star Trek than star-studded, and gained a lackluster at best (aghast at worst) response from fashion scribblers world over. Techies were no more impressed. A tepid response from the market, occasionally peeking into outrage over the suspected privacy infringement inherent in Google Glass, led to the product being quietly dropped shortly afterwards. However a re-launch is on its way, headed by Tony Fadell, the man behind the iPod. More obtrusive than the Apple Watch, we will see whether Fadell can make Google Glass palatable on the high-street.

google glass 2


Blogging certainly has nerdy roots. The first words viewers heard on the first ever Star Trek broadcast in 1968 were ‘Captain’s log.’ The series went on to popularize the term ‘log’. ‘Weblog’ was coined by Jorn Barger in 1997, which was later truncated to ‘blog.’ Fast forward two decades, 2016 looks to be the year when the number of sites hosted on the internet reaches 1 billion. This rise is principally due to the ease which individuals can set up their own blogs. Some of the best web hosting providers such as 1&1 offer users near-instant domain name registration and nifty tools to aid site construction. Fashions blogs are therefore burgeoning at fever pitch. The rise in prominent fashion bloggers who not only dress well but know their way around SEO, AdSense and affiliate marketing are set to make more money from brands drooling for endorsement than ever before. Not only has web-building technology become fashionable, it is also highly profitable.

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