Edward Sexton – Britain’s Celebrity Bespoke Tailor

Edward Sexton – Britain’s Celebrity Bespoke Tailor

In 2015, I had the opportunity to meet Edward Sexton, a talented tailor. As we chatted, he shared fascinating stories about the celebrities he had the privilege of dressing during the iconic Swinging 60s. It was a truly enlightening experience. Britain has lost an icon regarding bespoke tailoring. Today Edward Sexton died and I will always treasure this unique interview.

Edward Sexton Collection menStyleFashion

During my encounters with various tailors over the past years, I have come across a truly exceptional individual – Edward Sexton. With over 50 years of experience in bespoke tailoring, Edward has amassed an impressive client list that includes renowned figures such as Mick Jagger and Sir Paul McCartney. Notably, he even trained Stella McCartney, who has since become a prominent figure in the fashion industry. Recognizing the wealth of knowledge Edward possesses, I decided to divide our interviews with him into smaller segments, allowing you to easily listen and learn from his insights.


Edward Sexton Collection menStyleFashion

Edward SExton MenStyleFashion

Britain Has Lost An Icon

In November, Edward Sexton brought back the tradition of bespoke tailoring to Savile Row. When I first met him in 2015, he had already distanced himself from Savile Row. During our interviews, he expressed his lack of passion for the craft at that time.

Learning The Art Of Tailoring

If you’re interested in learning the art of bespoke tailoring, this free gift from Edward and myself was invaluable. Experience cannot be bought with money, which is why Edward’s dedication to the younger generation is astounding. It is through this commitment that Edward Sexton’s legacy will endure. I highly encourage those with the means and availability to indulge in the process of creating their own bespoke suit. In these interviews, Edward discusses the excitement and expertise required for this endeavor. Our ultimate goal is to inspire people to dress elegantly, regardless of gender.

Edward Sexton Collection menStyleFashion Edward Sexton Collection menStyleFashion

Tailoring For Women

Edward informed me that cutting clothes for women requires a completely different approach. Throughout his career, he had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned personalities such as Joan Collins and Cilla Black. In 1990, he established his own label, which led to Naomi Campbell consistently seeking his expertise for tailored suits.

However, when I met Edward, he immediately understood what would suit me best. He accurately explained that my suit needed to be specifically designed to allow freedom of movement and flexibility. I highly recommend listening to his insights about the suit he created for Gracie Opulanza. I first met Edward at London Fashion Week for Men way back at the Woolmark presentation.

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