Whilst at the Savile Row presentation back in January sponsored by The Woolmark Company I met a fine young gentleman called Dominic. I was explaining to him how I was in the process of getting a bespoke suit made on Savile Row. Domique asked me to drop by and meet Edward Sexton.

Who is Edward Sexton

In all my encounters with tailors in the last two years I have to say this has been the most educational and inspirational of them all. Edward Sexton has a history of over 50 years of experience within the world of bespoke tailoring. His clients list is an address book that any bespoke tailor could only dream of having, Mick Jagger and Sir Paul McCartney just to name a few. Ever wondered where Stella McCartney learnt her craft, then wonder no more, it was Edward Sexton who trained her. There is so much to learn from Edward so we are going to break down the interviews in small parts for you to listen to and to learn from.

Edward Sexton –  The Interviews

For anyone wanting to learn the craft of bespoke tailoring then this free gift both from Edward and myself is priceless. Therefore no money can ever buy experience. Edwards attitude to the up and coming generation is amazing and the only way menswear and bespoke tailoring will ever survive. It’s for this reason Edward Sexton’s legacy will continue on. I want to encourage anyone who has the time and money to go through the experience of having their very own bespoke suit made. In these interviews Edward talks us through the thrill and skill it takes to be able to do this. We both just want to see men and women dress well.

Bespoke Tailoring For Woman is A Skill On Its Own

To date I have not had a suit made yet. I am so glad because there is only one man I will entrust to do this for me. In fact my latest call out is why we had to retract from the project at the moment. The tailor has admitted that cutting for woman is a completely different set of cutting. Now when I met Edward he in seconds knew exactly what would work for me. He was right on trend when he explained that my suit had to be literally designed for movement and flexibility. Listen to what he has to say about Edwards suit for Gracie.