For a while now our followers have always indicated the lack of luxury jewelery for men. They find it difficult to have access to that market especially when it comes to diamonds. If it’s a brand that is certainly pushing the boundaries for men’s jewelry and getting a grip with a man and his cuff-links then Misahara Jewerly are onto it. What better way to showcase them at the Monaco Grand Prix for all the elite and super rich to observe it this month.  It was showcased on the yacht by Misahara Jewerly.

Men Who Show Case Diamonds

Well if there are roles models or style icons for a man to adhere to when it comes to wearing diamonds, then look no further than these guys. From Beckham to Lewis Hamilton or Jamie Fox, they all can pull of the diamond look. Yes a man certainly can showcase his diamonds no matter what the cost. Will it affect his image  as a man and how will he be judged for it? What is it about diamonds that also rocks the attention of these super stars?

Greg talks about his diamond company called Misahara Jewerly.

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Are diamonds a man’s best friend?