Ekster – The Recycled Minimalist Wallet

Ekster – The Recycled Minimalist Wallet

Did you know you can make a wallet out of a car’s windshield? We didn’t either. Roughly 14 million cars are being scrapped every year in the U.S. alone. One windshield can provide up to 4.5 pounds of recyclable material that can be converted into vegan leather (equivalent to 400 wallets).

We know we can all do more to counter the “take, make, dispose of” attitude of today’s linear economy, which is why Ekster has decided to contribute towards a circular economy by introducing the recycled collection.

Ekster wallet 2020

Rundown Of Ekster

  • It’s not leather, but if we didn’t tell you; you wouldn’t know it. Our recycled material is highly scratch-resistant, water-resistant and feels like the real deal.
  • Like our flagship, the recycled collection features our signature easy-access trigger so you will never waste time looking for a card again.
  • Top it off with our additional solar-powered Tracker Card. Can’t find your wallet? Just call it using Alexa, Siri, or Google Home.

Let’s take another step towards a more sustainable way to create the wallets that millions of customers have come to love.

Before it was a wallet, it was a windshield: words we didn’t think we’d ever say, but here we are.

Today, it’s more important than ever to design and create products with environmental impact in mind.

Recycled Windshields

For the environmentally-conscious person, Ekster newest line is made from recycled windshields.

When you separate PVB from the glass of the windshield, you get a strong, biodegradable material that can be processed back into the cycle of use.

“Repurposing that material is just one way in which we can reuse and innovate with what we have,” said founder Rick Scharnigg.

Ekster Recycled Collection

Tracker Card

Can’t find your wallet? Not sure where you left that bag? The credit card-sized tracker card is the difference between stress and streamlining your essentials.
Just download, the Ekster app on your phone to ring your stuff, or see where you last had it on a map.
Ekster tracker card
This took less than 1min and easy to set up, love the idea.

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