Ulterior Motive – Menswear Accessories To Set You Apart

Ulterior Motive – Menswear Accessories To Set You Apart

It’s very common that most businesses are formed out of frustration. So co- founder Bruce Hakan decided to come up with menswear accessories with an Ulterior Motive in mind. The one thing that stood out with this brand is the way they photograph their accessories. Trust me I have written thousands of articles and it certainly caught my eye. In fact at times I thought hell that’s subtle but very detailed at the same time. As you all know you guys are all about the finer details making sure it gets noticed. For me this brand has a very clear ambition, which is to offer something different as opposed to most of the accessories available today. This label is about inspiring any man if he dares to cross the conservative line, to break free and be a rebel without a pause.

In Bruce’s own words, Ulterior Motive is more rock than business.

Everyday Ties

The products Ulterior Motive designs have the goal to carry. For example the ties are an important part of their product range. When it comes to ties, Ulterior Motive’s philosophy is that you can wear a tie almost anytime. It believes the reason why (almost) nobody does this today is that the ties that you find in stores are either meant for business or dinner parties. That is a subtle edge, not to be in-your-face, but rather something you notice in the details. It would never put out a t-shirt with just the logo, but most likely a woven skull on the back lining of a tie. So with these subtleties in designs it’s all about giving your neck let alone your style some alternative respect.

Pocket Square

The first thing to keep in mind with a pocket square is to learn how to fold one. Once you’ve grasped that then it’s all about being bold by teaming your pocket square with your matching tie. However this is Ulterior Motive we are talking about, so why not mix and match your tie with your pocket square. It’s a great ice breaker for any occasion and what the hell, it’s all about that detail and who is noticing it. Clash of the prints is always a controversial statement that will keep your friends or businesses relations always wondering what is your alternative motive?

Wallets – Give Your Pocket Some Respect

Let’s face it when the cash is being used and abused a wallet can give out a clear message. What does the colour or pattern of your wallet say about you? You’re a man who is not afraid to push boundaries. One that likes to be noticed in a subtle way with the finer things in life. A professional clear message that your wallet may have another Ulterior Motive that style cannot be bought it has to be owned.


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