When we think of a traditional wedding proposal, we often think of the man getting down on one knee to propose to his partner, making it all about the woman. But those days are long gone.

Men have just as much to enjoy during the engagement process as women do. Let’s take a look at how men can celebrate and enjoy the engagement.

Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

First and foremost, the proposal starts with buying the perfect engagement ring. While there are hundreds of cuts, carat sizes, and metal band combinations to choose from, it’s all about your budget and your partner’s style.

Let this part of the process be a fun experience for you, too. This way, you can both learn about what the other person likes while creating a unique memory to share.

You’ll learn about why you shouldn’t buy a lab-grown diamond or how the diamond’s quality can impact its colour. You’d be surprised at how fun this entire engagement process can be if you’re willing to share in the experience.

You Can Have An Engagement Ring, Too

Who says women are the only ones that get to wear pre-wedding jewelry? It’s not uncommon these days for men to wear engagement rings, or for you and your partner to shop for the rings together.

While it’s not the traditional norm, we live in a much more progressive world where trends have changed. It’s a way for men to wear a part of their ongoing commitment to their partner even before they say, “I do.”

Why Men Are Starting to Wear Engagement Rings

Be Involved In The Wedding Planning Process

This by far is the biggest part where many men miss out on the wedding engagement experience. It’s oftentimes thought that the wedding is all about the bride and she should get whatever she wants.

But the reality is that this day is not just about her. It’s about both of you becoming one unit. This is why it’s incredibly important to be a part of the wedding planning process so you can fully enjoy the experience of the engagement.

You may not care too much about what type of appetizers are served or what is being placed for the centerpieces. But there are so many fun aspects of the wedding planning process you’ll miss out on if you keep yourself on the sidelines.

Cake tastings can become a fun date night. Choosing songs to put on your reception playlists can become a beautiful and memorable experience. Share your opinions and we promise you’ll be much more grateful about your engagement experience in the long run.

The Bachelor Party

If you feel like you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to fully enjoy your engagement, then the bachelor party is just the place to do it. This is your opportunity to get together with your closest friends and celebrate your last day before you share your nuptials and put the spotlight on you.

Take a long weekend with the guys at a cabin out in the woods or jump on a plane to a place you’ve never been. No matter how you want to spend this time, make it all about you and not what everyone else wants.

Bachelor Party

Reflect On How You’ve Changed

Proposing to this person is by far the biggest question you’ll ever ask anyone in your lifetime. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that getting engaged changes a man.

Sometimes fully immersing yourself and enjoying a wedding engagement isn’t always about the parties, rings, and planning.

It’s about what’s happening on the inside. Take time to reflect on how becoming a married man will change you and how your commitment to this person has impacted your life.