Emerald Ring vs Plain Band – Which Is Best for Men?

Emerald Ring vs Plain Band – Which Is Best for Men?

With almost all men wearing a wedding ring after marriage, more and more are searching for something unique. It may be the type of metal varying from gold to perhaps platinum or tungsten, selecting a different finish of the metal or incorporating gemstones. In the past men tended to opt for plain brushed or satin finish gold bands. Yes, they do look great, but an increasing number of gentlemen now want to stand out from the crowd. When it comes to incorporating gemstones into the ring, most select an emerald ring.

This popular green gemstone is far less flamboyant than a diamond but nevertheless reflects quality and sophistication. They are understated yet regarded as refined, and it is perhaps for this reason why the more discerning gentleman chooses them. Confident in all aspects of their life, they don’t need something that instantly grabs the limelight, but that doesn’t mean that they go unnoticed. So what is it about the emerald that makes it so popular?

A Timeless Classic

The emerald has a history that dates back around 4000 years when it was first recorded as being used in jewelry. Even back then, it was noted for its quality and had a natural appeal. While it never entirely becomes the height of fashion, it always remains at a certain level of popularity. For many, this is more appealing than having a ring that is the height of fashion today but dated in a decade. Emeralds will be popular in a decade, in fifty years, and even in a century; they hold their appeal and portrait that classic style.

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Suits Different Metals

While gold is still by far the most popular metal when it comes to wedding rings for both men and women, the emerald suits all metals. It is common for men to shy away from tradition and in the last few years, we have seen an increase in the use of other precious metals, and this is something that we expect to continue. The shift from tradition has also witnessed more men opting to include gemstones in their bands. Rubies, sapphire and diamonds are all popular, but they never quite compete with emeralds when it comes to men’s wedding rings.

Available In Different Cuts

Like with many stones, the emerald suits many different cuts and settings. For men who do manual jobs, most favour simpler settings that offer greater protection with more rounded cuts that don’t leave corners exposed which can become easily chipped. Cuts and settings will always come down to personal preference, and most men are wise enough to understand that their lifestyles will play some part in which is most practical. If you are unsure, we would always recommend seeking advice from a professional.


Touching on the point above, emeralds are a robust stone and can withstand bangs and knocks. Very few emeralds would be classed as “perfect” in terms of clarity, and indeed these imperfections add character to the stone. Also, they give the wearer the comfort that should the stone suffer minor damage, which inevitably over time it will, it is unlikely to be noticeable unless it is pointed out. For this reason, they make the ideal gemstone for men’s wedding rings because the ring will be worn on a daily basis.


Plain bands do look good, and no one would deny that, but for the more distinguished gentleman; he may prefer something that has a mark of distinction. The emerald says that he cares about his appearance but doesn’t want to appear flash. He is happy to be noticed but doesn’t want too much attention. It is a stone that reflects his personal rather than taking anything from it. The ring will draw admiring looks and compliments but never too many that the wearer becomes embarrassed. It ticks so many boxes for so many men.


Finally, when you think about quality gemstones, the emerald is one of the first that everyone mentions. In suits all men, it suits both casual and formal wear and just manages to look ”right” in any situation. It reflects quality; it shows that the wearer is refined and appreciates the finer things in life and as we mentioned at the start, is timeless and elegant. It begs the question, why wouldn’t you want to include an emerald in your wedding?

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