Everything You Need To Know About Men Fashion in Sports

Everything You Need To Know About Men Fashion in Sports

If there is anything that is the perfect example of change being inevitable, then fashion ranks high on the list. Fashion changes at a pace representative of the modern world. The shift in men’s fashion is a great narration of the whole story.

Each year, billions of dollars are made by this sector with brands such as Nike reporting double billion figures annually, even in the face of diverse setbacks. This aspect of fashion gets better by the day. In the past, sportswear is mostly limited to casual dress but this has changed significantly with sportswear making its way into the corporate world. For example, sneakers, sweatshirt, and drawstring trousers are now common workplace fashion.

And it is not uncommon to see people searching on the internet for what to wear to events such as Cheltenham festival which is a horse racing festival that takes place in the UK every March. When it is time for Cheltenham festival, people are not only looking for horse racing tips online or info on their jockey but as well as information on what to wear to Cheltenham festival. Although most horse racing events and especially the Cheltenham do not have any official dressing or dress code, people still search on the search engines for information on what to wear, and aside from this, it is not uncommon to see people rocking their clubs’ shirts at various times.

Here are some tips from cricket bookmakers on ways to rock sportswear.

Ways to Rock Sportswear

1. Leisure

Some years back, this was totally unthinkable, at least to many of us. Who would have thought sweatpants would become smart-casual? Now, sportswear such as joggers and sweatshirts, are perfect gears to have on for leisure. The comfortable fabrics used in making sportswear makes them perfect gear for leisure. The muted colors also mean you can easily have a rather silent outing, meaning you can stay unnoticed as much as you want.

2. Mix fun with corporate

Wearing sneakers with suits is not a new thing. It is a great example of dressing casual up. Other ‘dress up’ casuals includes zip-up tops and modern track pants. Smart overcoats can be worn with modern track pants while zip-up tops can be worn with corporate pants.

3. Throwback

Sportswear also offers a great opportunity to do the perfect throwback. Sportswear has a very rich history hence it offers the perfect opportunity to go back in time in whatever manner you choose.

Key Sportswear Essential Stylish Men Must Have

1. Sweatshirt

This is one of the most fashionable sportswear to have in your wardrobe. It is ideal for several purposes including dressing it up for office purposes. It can be worn with corporate pants for office usage as well as with jeans for casual purposes.

2. Hoodie

This is one sportswear essential I cannot do without. I have at least three different styles and colours of hoodie in my wardrobe. There are versions that do not shrink noticeably when washed hence you do not have to fear shrinking. Usage of hoodies is very diverse, ranging from corporate to casual. Some come with lettering and numbers that make them quite selective. To enjoy greater versatility, plain hoodies are great gears to have.

3. Polo shirt

What is fashion for a man without a polo shirt? It takes a neutral ground between the tee and shirt worlds. A key part of its sportiness is highlighted in the logos, numbers, and lettering it bears.  For corporate usages, such as wearing it under your suit, you should go for something plain.

4. Sweatpants

What stands out about sweatpants is the comfortability. The materials and design have comfort and suitability written all over them. It is not as tight as yoga leggings and it is not also as big as joggers.


5. Canvas Trainers

This is another favorite gear for fashionable men. Talk about versatility, this is it. Canvas is very versatile footwear; will fit perfectly into any office space, in fact with a suit, and will equally serve as the best casual wear. Canvas is designed to fit perfectly with users’ feet and feels as though it’s a part of the feet, hence are so comfortable. They are not heavy and are very smart.

6. Baseball cap

Yes, this is the last detail of any dressing for fashionable men. This headgear often makes the difference for men.

7. Blazer

Blazer belongs in the category of a sports jacket. They usually come in bright colours and can come in handy for diverse fashion purposes.

Fashionable men pay attention to the way they look; they make a statement with every detail of their dressing. Sportswear has come in very handy as some of the most versatile fashion gears for these men. They are trendy, comfortable, and cool. Check out a number of must-have sportswear essentials discussed above and be sure to include them in your wardrobe as you take advantage of their versatility to make your fashion better.

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