It is very important and definitely, what you need to ensure that you organize your workspace and maintain it thus it will be spotless every time. Having a clean and tidy work area will help you to be more productive, inspire you to work at your best, and overall just give you the positive energy you need for the day.

More than that, a clean office area is also important for your health. As you may know, offices are the haven for bacteria and germs to breed in. We spent almost the whole day at the office, seated at the desk –munching snacks, eating lunch, and even wheezing, doing almost anything behind that small space! The mess and clutter from our hectic work activities are piled on the desk along with the germs. Thus it is very normal that our workspace can turn into microbial zoos.

Step-by-Step: How To Clean The Workspace

You can maintain your health as well as ensure that you always stay productive during work hours by routinely cleaning and sanitizing your workstation. Keeping a tidy workstation promotes mental clarity, and your level of tension will decrease, thus you’ll be able to work optimally. Follow this step-by-step guide to clean your workspace thoroughly.

Step 1: Clean up the mess on your desk

clean desk

  • Start by clearing your desk and removing papers, file folders, calendars, staplers, and other items that may crowd your office desk. The idea is to clear away anything that isn’t necessary. You can still put some memorabilia such as your family picture, small plants, or your favourite keepsakes.
  • Avoid piling stuff on your work desk corner. Instead, you should use a drawer or document tray to put all your things inside. This will help to make your office area look carefully arranged. To save space and provide separation for documents, use stacking document trays. Create one tray for mail, one for documents that require signatures, and one for documents that need to be filed.
  • You should also ensure to bundle together your electrical cord with zip ties to prevent cord nest. Afterwards, you can put the electrical cords in a specialized drawer or jar, so it will be easier for you to find them when you need them.
  • Keep a trashcan near your work desk so you can easily dispose of any trash immediately after.

Step 2: Clean The Computer Monitor

clean monitor

  • Turn off your laptop or computer before cleaning because you want to clean the whole computer or laptop compartment afterwards.
  • Clean the monitor with a microfiber cloth that has been sprayed with some glass cleaner or another cleaning solution.
  • Don’t forget to do a finishing wipe with a dry cloth afterwards.

Step 3: Clean The Keyboard and Mouse

The cracks and crevices of your keyboard are a haven for crumbs and viruses. The keyboard crevices tend to get dirty with crumbs and dust, thus it is also one of the spots that we should pay attention to stop the spread of germs:

  • Use cotton swabs dipped in alcohol to clean between the keys.
  • Spray some cleaning solution into a cloth, and afterwards wipe the keyboard’s top surface.
  • You can clean the mouse with the same cloth spray with some cleaning solution, or disinfectant alcohol wipes.

Step 4: Clean The Office Chair

  • Look for a tag on the upholstery that will help you to get the instruction you need on how to clean the office chair.
  • To get rid of any stray dust or particles, use a vacuum and an upholstery brush.
  • Any hard surfaces should be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth.
  • If the cushion fabric is water-resistance, you can clean any spot you see with a few drops of cleaner soap and gently brush it.
  • If it is not water-resistant, you should fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and a couple of drops of essential oils to clean the cloth and get rid of any blemishes or stains.

Step 5: Other Must-Do Cleaning

  • Don’t forget to dust little things near your workspaces such as the power strips behind your desk, the picture frames, or any other decoration around your office desk.
  • Disinfect is a must-do too. With every keystroke, mouse click, and phone call we make while seated at our offices, we create new micro-bacteria colonies. Thus not only a thorough cleaning is needed, but the keyboard, headset, mouthpiece, mobile phone, and any high-touch surfaces should also be cleaned regularly with a disinfectant.

You should set a calendar alert to remind you to tidy up your work desk every week or two. Thus you won’t forget to do it regularly. Even better, put cleaning wipes close to your desk so you can quickly wipe down anything in between working activities.

Professional Office Cleaning Services

To take care of the general cleaning of the office area, a company should opt to either hire their personal janitorial team or to regularly hire the service of a professional office cleaner for a more affordable option. A company should not ask for their employees to do regular office cleaning because they are not here with that responsibility. Instead, they have other pressing work deadlines that should not be missed.

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