Exercising – Tips for Preventing Injury while Exercising

Exercising –  Tips for Preventing Injury while Exercising

Learning ways to prevent exercise injuries can help keep yourself from becoming sidelined. Having an injury may hinder your workout routine and cause a major roadblock in your fitness journey. To prevent any injuries while exercising, try following these four tips.

Don’t Increase Workout Intensity Too Quickly

If you try to increase your workout intensity by a lot before your body is ready to handle the extra load, you could be setting yourself up for injury. This is especially true if you recently started a fitness routine after not exercising for an extended period. It’s best to start off doing three 20-minute exercise sessions per week at moderate intensity and build up from there.


Warm Up Correctly

Jumping into high-intensity exercises at the beginning of your workout can lead to muscle strains and tears. Light stretching can help the body become more limber so that it’s better prepared for the physical demands of exercise. Doing a slow jog or bike ride can also help you warm up properly. Other exercises that can warm up muscles include T pushups, high kicks and lunges with upper body twists.

Develop Proper Muscle Balance

Muscle imbalances can result in stronger muscles overpowering weaker ones when trying to engage in certain physical activities, and any imbalance could put undue strain on the weaker muscles and cause injuries. One of the best ways to correct muscle imbalances is with the muscle activation technique which involves strengthening the weaker muscles so that the surrounding muscles don’t experience excessive tension or tightness as they try to compensate for the strength differences. Working with a personal trainer who’s experienced in correcting muscle imbalances can help you develop the proper exercise methods.

Eat Enough of the Right Foods

Not eating enough throughout the day could put you at greater risk for injury when it comes time to exercise. Muscles that don’t receive the proper nourishment often don’t function as efficiently and can be more vulnerable to strains and other problems. Your energy levels may also be depleted from not eating enough, and this can make you feel lethargic and more prone to getting hurt. In addition to eating meals that are high in essential vitamins and nutrients, it’s best to consume yogurt, an energy bar or another carbohydrate-rich snack 30 to 60 minutes before a workout.

Keeping yourself out of harm’s way is possible with the right strategies to prevent injuries during exercise. By making additional efforts to keep yourself healthy while getting into better shape, you’ll have an easier time achieving your fitness goals.

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