Health Trends – To Help Shed Holiday Weight

Health Trends – To Help Shed Holiday Weight

Holiday seasons are a time to relax, loosen up a little bit, and indulge in ways you can’t afford to during normal days. Indulging in many cases leads to a month-long session of bingeing on quiches, cocktails, cookies, and holiday stuffing. At the end of the holidays, it never comes as a surprise to learn that one has gained a few pesky pounds. But this shouldn’t be a source of concern, as we have recently found some new health and wellness trends for 2020 that we can adapt to stay healthy.

Crossfit Workouts

Crossfit exercises can be a bit intimidating due to their tough reputation that involves pushing the body to its edges. Often, they involve kettlebell swings, jumping rope, pull-ups, and weighted lunges. But as tough as they may be, they are beneficial to the body. They help in managing weight, burning calories, and can also assist in improving balance and agility. You can find some more information about crossfit workouts on Maybe you will fall in love with Crossfit and it’ll be your go-to!

Plant-Based Diets

It’s a diet consisting of healthy choices and plenty of vegetables. Not to be confused with adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, this diet aims at providing a soft nudge to consume more veggies, and not necessarily stop eating meat. A plant-based diet helps to lower BMI (body mass index) helping to reduce the risk of contracting conditions such as diabetes and obesity.


It’s a hybrid fitness class resulting from a blend of dynamic yoga poses and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The workout is time-efficient, and also makes it possible for you to stretch your muscles, and burn some calories. The class is highly recommended for men who have a busy schedule, making it hard for them to fit in their fitness goals.

Health Trends - To Help Shed Holiday Weight

Wearable Fitness Assistance

Wearables are becoming harder to track with each passing day. They tend to comprise of gadgets such as heart monitors, smartwatches, and fitness trackers. Wearable fitness assistance helps you set your personal fitness goals. You can also track your progress using the devices.


Sleeping at Every Chance You Can

Poor sleep is a leading factor when it comes to weight gain, especially after the holidays. When your sleeping patterns are affected, your weight begins to go up. Sleeping early, and whenever you can help to reduce stress levels in the body. It also helps in weight maintenance by reducing your cravings and regulating your appetite hormones.


Explore Multivitamins

There’s still no magic pill to help you shed weight instantly. But taking a multivitamin might be what you need to start slimming down. Men’s Multivitamins help to improve your mood, increase your energy levels, and reduce anxiety and stress. Taking multivitamin tablets will assist your body in replenishing its natural supplies.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is proving to be a trendy workout for people looking to lose weight or generally remain healthy. It’s considered an ideal workout due to its use of multiple muscles in the body. Climbing rocks helps to work up your abs. The biggest benefit of this workout comes in the form of improved physical strength.

Eat Avocadoes

Avocado happens to be one of the most popular and healthy food options today. You can use it to make toast, eat it fresh, or even make an avocado smoothie. This fruit comes loaded with lots of nutrients required by the body to remain healthy. It also has fiber, which is known to reduce blood sugar spikes and contribute to weight loss.

Health Trends - To Help Shed Holiday Weight

Read Books About Positive Mindsets and Mindstyles

Did you know that reading lifestyle and positive mindsets books can spur weight loss? It all comes down to the books you choose to read. A good book will not only help protect your brain from developing Alzheimer’s, but it also helps to reduce your stress levels. Grab a positive mindset book today and start developing positive thinking.

The men’s health and fitness trends discussed above, all have a common theme: convenience. With these trends, you should find it easy for you to shed the extra pounds you gained during the holiday season. You also get to learn how to eat, think, and exercise to remain fit. Protection Status

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