Fashion Photography – How to Photograph Men’s Street Style

Fashion Photography – How to Photograph Men’s Street Style

Photographing men’s style on the street is entirely different than women. It’s said that women dress for other women, and if this is true then the opposite could be said for men. Overdressing and being too conscious of your personal style is still seen as a shameful thing, so asking men for a photograph is sometimes tricky. They tend to be more bashful and I’ve had to do some persuading in the past to get them to take part – I’ve been doing this nearly every day for over 5 years though so I have the whole process down. Often the range of clothing options for men is limited which also means finding great style on the street is hard.

The London Collections, despite been running for two seasons, has changed the international landscape of British Fashion. The event itself is expertly executed and the designers have seen showing superb collections. I’m proud to see international fashion press like Bruce Pask from the New York Times flying in to see what us Brits are down and that’s testament to our creativity and energy. Photographing the collections is incredibly enjoyable and I always end each day with a smile as I upload the photos.

4 Great Examples

Another Garcon - Daniel - Covent Garden London
I spotted Daniel outside the Hospital Club – the central hub for the Mens collections. The biggest issue was the 20 other photographers who had also spotted him. I don’t like repeat photos but couldn’t resist his sharp style so managed to get some snaps from an angle other photographers hadn’t got. He had all the right elements – the shoes, suit, pin – all superb.

Another Garcon - Jonny Shorts - Garden London
I’m a sucker for a 3 piece suit and Jonny got it spot on. This was one of those moments when the surroundings are just perfect for the style of the outside – I loved the red brick beside the slate grey suit.

Another Garcon - faces at London Collections Men
Sometimes all you need is a headshot to convey style and this dark skin of this boy, besides the fluffy white sheepskin was a perfect juxtaposition. To me, it’s a salute to today’s young London.

Another Garcon - Jefferson New Oxford Street London

Jefferson from Schoolboy Couture always has a ‘street’ vibe to his clothing and it really stands out against the over-riding smart looks at LC:M. He could almost be a very fashionable security guard in this picture which I love.

How to become a Street Style Photographer

I usually take about 10-25 photographs per person. There are so many variables when it comes to street style so often it’s about getting as many shots as possible and reviewing them after. If you’re interested in photographing street style yourself, I’d say it’s all about practice. Take as many shots as you can of each subject and work out how you feel represents your style most. For me, building a small relationship with the subject is important to get a natural and flattering photograph. With women, often they know what angle looks best for them and how to stand in order to look slimmer. With men it’s less straight forward to giving them a task – for example reading the newspaper – can help a lot to break the ice.

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