United Colors Of Benetton – MSF Advice For Revamping The Label

United Colors Of Benetton – MSF Advice For Revamping The Label


United Colors Of Benetton

The Benetton fashion collection was founded in 1965 simply by Luciano Benetton, who sold his young brother’s bicycle to buy a second-hand sewing machine and produce a small collection of brightly-coloured sweaters. The first motto to appear had been ‘All the colors of the world’, in which later on ended up being replaced by the well-known ‘United Colors of Benetton’. The concept of united colors was so powerful of which for the first time in its historical past, the company put into practice the motto as its genuine logo.

The power of its Advertisements?

All its advertisements possess one thing to say… occasionally they are odd and crystal clear and especially now under an eye-catching debatable image! This fashion label is under a lot of pressure to be creative, to promote talent and courage to do these kinds of controversial ads. Advertisements that mean a little something, that assist a cause, that have an essential message… or advertisements that simply display diverse colours alongside one another.

MenStyleFashion Advice for a Refreshing New United Colours of Benetton

What is it about Benetton that still remains within our high street? The task of changing the company’s fortunes now falls to Alessandro Benetton, a one-time Harvard student and the son of its founder, Luciano Benetton. With the changing of the guards at Benetton, we think it is also time to revamp the label. Here are my ideas, Dear Benetton:

  • Quality Fabrics, Quality Pieces – For me, it’s been the quality of its clothing, fabrics used and choice of colours combing them with traditional pieces that are the core factors that Benetton needs to get back to. That thick material that I always use to buy. I adored its jean jackets including that dark brown. The pure wool garments including the itchy ones. Just imagine for one moment if  Benetton decided to revamp their vintage collection. Would there be a market for the brand we all so admired and have purchased over the years that we want to see back in your stores? I think so.
  • Campaigning for Wool – Benetton you are renowned for your wool collections and colour. Here is something worth campaigning for. To raise awareness about the benefits and versatility of wool in fashion and furnishing industry. To support local farmers, retailers, local businesses that depend on the wool industry. There over 100 wool mills still in operation across the United Kingdom. I’m sure your creative advertising approach will certainly turn heads?
  • Vintage Benetton Collection – “We have to change perceptions of us,” Alessandro told Campaign at the London unveiling of the “unemployee of the year” campaign. “We have not been good enough at telling consumers about ourselves.” Take a look at the old collection’s images and hopefully, we shall see it come back into your stores.


2012 Campaign


2007 collection, with a revamp he would rock


Bring back vintage wool and styles including the Italian colours


Bring back the quality wool and fabrics and its quirky designs


Love how they always embrace different cultures with in their campaigns


Amazing what they can do with wool

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