Fashionable Gifts for the Woman in Your Life

Fashionable Gifts for the Woman in Your Life

Of course, the world of fashion is in constant flux and there are trends that are as fleeting as a midsummer breeze. But outside of the fads and one minute wonders, there is a more general and longer-lasting trend, or rather an interwoven web of trends that are durable and well worth following and bearing in mind when it comes to thinking about gift-giving.

One such trend is the resurgence of ‘70s inspired audio-tech design that falls under the umbrella of retro. Whether this is a rejection of the plain, button-less, Apple-led 21st century technology or a yearning for a time when things were sturdier and built to last, the trend is real. It also ties in nicely with the vinyl resurgence. Where am I going with this? Headphones. During the lock-down, radio and our own music libraries have been a lifeline for so many and a great pair of headphones that tick the retro box, while sounding amazing would be a lovely gift. These stunning Sivga over-ear headphones with wooden panels tick all the right boxes.

Designer Trainers

We’ve all been less formal in what we’re wearing in recent months, but this is not just a lock-down trend. For years now, the shift towards designer trainers and away from uncomfortable heels has been happening. Now is the perfect time to gift the special woman in your life a pair or two of some trainers with a little extra wow factor. Cocorose have an exquisite range, but the Hoxton white with red stars are just fantastic and are sure to brighten anyone’s day (and feet)! The same company have also produced a rather special trainer featuring everyone’s favourite symbol of hope, the rainbow. Make sure you jump on these as they look set to fly off the shelves.

hoxton with red stars trainers

This is a rather special idea, right here. The Book of Everyone has come up with The Map of Everyone – a customised framed map with memories of your visit to a specific place. Why not commemorate your first kiss, your first date or your first holiday together? This is a lovely, simple idea that would make a perfect gift.

It’s been a very warm spring and we’ve still got summer to come. Perhaps the woman in your life is due to a new pair of sunglasses? Well, these may be pushing the boat out, but to find a pair of Cat-Eye sunglasses of this quality is nigh on impossible. This style of sunglasses fits almost any face type and will be the envy of all her friends.

Green Fingers

Many of us have spent more time cultivating our green fingers lately, but this next gift will be perfect even if you are not fortunate enough to have your own garden to tend to. This birth month flower growing kit is such a brilliant idea, that not only gives your partner something to do, something to care for and nurture but has a personal touch too. A fantastic gift.

In times of stress and anxiety, sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. A lot of buzz has been generated in online vlogs and the like about this simple idea. A little jade face roller that incorporated into your pre-bedtime ritual will help get you into the perfect frame of mind to sleep. You could even take turns on each other – a little moment of intimacy to bring you together at the end of the day.

Whichever gift you choose, it is wise to remember that the most important consideration is whether you think she will love it. You likely know your partner better than anyone! Protection Status

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