If you’re someone in 2020 who loves science and wants to encourage your kid, this is going to be a good year for you!

Technology has revolutionised gifting culture by creating some simple tech-savvy toys that are nothing short of magic. There are so many entertaining and interactive toys that respond to your child’s movements, touch, and voice. 

You can have some surprise and exciting toys and slime, foam, and other fun compounds inside them. It has come a long way from ordinary or standard cards that have pre-recorded songs or a musical greeting card. And then some toys nurture imagination and creativity, get their vision running, and bring them into the worlds of their favourite cartoon characters.

We bring you a list of some scientific and progressive gifts that will amuse your kids.

1. An interesting moon lamp

You will often find your kid gazing at the sky and trying to make sense of what the moon and stars are that they continue to rethink into the fantasy of their dreams. What if we told you that you could promise your child the moon and stars? The latest toys available in the markets have made this possible!

Believe it or not, you can actually buy a 3D printed moon that exudes similar features as that of the moon. Plus, it is available in three-four sizes, and it can glow in more than 15 colours. So, don’t fret, Convert their rooms into a miniature lunar world, and who knows, they might just grow up to become astronauts!

3D Moon Lamp - Cadeau Maestro

2. A robot that helps with coding

A coding robot can do all the things that average human kids take time to do. If you notice a knack in your child’s for computers and the world of coding, then get the kids started on learning to code at an early age with a helpful and awesome robot. For example, Artie 3000 will draw anything you like as your code. It is a creative and fun way to learn a fascinating machine. It is meant for children of Ages 7+.

coding robot for kids

3. A factual reality globe

The Shifu Orboot augments reality globe pairs with an application that is loaded with thousands of regional facts. It allows little kids of all ages to take an educational trip around the world while they play. Let them learn about the world that we live in to present them with a geographical understanding of it to feed their intelligence quotient. It can make the perfect gift for all your curious kiddos!

Orboot Dinos AR globe by PlayShifu

Orboot Dinos AR globe by PlayShifu

4. A talking microscope

Your child can grow a fancy to anything from dog poop on the floor to a random insect he brought home while playing outside. Satiate their inquisition by gifting them a fancy microscope. When they look at the slides under this microscope, they will get to see up-close images of their new muse. 

You have several options of close up images of plants, insects, and minerals that plays the voice of a character that offers facts about the plants and animals. You can also use them as an interactive game at kids’ birthday parties by putting it in Quiz Mode and see if they have retained any of the information.

GeoSafari jr talking microscope

GeoSafari jr talking microscope

5. A superhuman supernova

The Supernova is not your ordinary drone: Just push, pull, and hold your hands to direct and master up to 30 moves and nine tricks that this gravity-defying toy can handle. The Supernova is meant for children of ages 8+, although with some parental guidance.


Feeling like going back to being a child? Then obviously this mind-bending range of gifting ideas might have caught your attention. In case it is difficult for you to choose which toy to gift, then you always mix them up and hand them out as Christmas Hampers. That should do the trick! Christmas is supposed to be a festival of exploration and fun.