Fashionable Men and Their Eternal Love Affair with Premium Watches

Most men wouldn’t really care or mind too much about what they are actually wearing but when it comes to watches, they would certainly love to do some meticulous research and choose a watch with utmost care and after much deliberation. A watch is a style accessory or a fashion statement for most men. After all the watch a man wears speaks volumes about his personality, status and lifestyle. Men have an eternal bond with well-crafted masterpieces. With time the Swiss watch making technique has been given a whole new dimension by master craftsmen and skilled designers, who have over the years worked hard to enhance the beauty of the timepieces created by great horologists. Premium watches dominate the watch scene today and you may come across some stunning pieces in precious stones, noble metals and glowing enamel. The watch market today has seen the emergence of miniature masterpieces that are a mark of fine craftsmanship. To most men fashion is looking distinguished and distinctive in a stunning luxury timepiece that would grab all attention and steal the show.

A rolex is like an engagement ring for men

Men and Their Obsession with Watches

Neither science nor faith has ever been able to justify every man’s compulsive obsession towards collecting all types of watches, although it is believed that a tremendously complex mental conspiracy involving a cornucopia of hormones, a combative nature fuelled by testosterone and an innate desire to hoard high-end stuff is behind this craze. Watches will always remain a weakness for men even though frankly speaking, a watch is not required any longer to keep your life on schedule. Telling time is not an issue as you have easy access to smartphones. Despite this fact the global market for old and new watches is booming and accounts for a whopping $40 billion. The watch scene is dominated predominantly by men who would use their watch to demonstrate what is of importance to them without being too overt, pretentious or pompous. Quite a number of men are impressed by the appeal and attractions of personality defining design and engineering while some others are exhilarated to buy authentic prestige watches by paying exorbitant prices.


Enticed & Excited by Celebrity Endorsements

In recent times the popularity of men’s luxury watches is constantly on the rise. The primary reason behind this is the number of celebrities who are seen as embracing the watches. Most luxury watch companies have strategically roped in celebrities as brand ambassadors. Thanks to high flying sports personalities and fictional characters like James Bond, wrist watches are now treated as the most important and necessary accessory to be owned by men. Men are wearing these expensive accessories just to make a style statement. Premium watches from Chopard, Mont Blanc, Girard-Perreguax, Hublot, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega, and Piaget demonstrate wealth in a subtle way unlike expensive champagne or flashy cars. These lavish watches are favorite accessories for some of the universe’s most powerful and successful men, including Fortune 500 CEOs and the American Presidents.


Perennial Appeal of Top Brands

  • A Rolex definitely shows the world that you are well-off. There are several types of Rolexes. You could go for the incredibly classy, yet not so flashy model, and let the watch speak for itself. It is important that you let the watch do the talking, as boasting will definitely lead to social abomination.
  • Audemarks Piguet offers premium Swiss-made watches. Bulgari, Cartier and the Tiffany Company are said to buy Audemars Piguet watches and then these watches are rebranded and sold in the market as Bulgari, Cartier or Tiffany & Company watches. Audemarks Piguet is known for Classic Pocket Watches and Self-Winding Automatic Chronograph and the brand has undoubtedly set the trends for big chunky timepieces. Known for futuristic designs, this brand could offer you the watch of a lifetime.
  • ·Montblanc watches are said to preserve traditions and shape the future. Montblanc timepieces are often personal heirlooms, handed down from generation to generation and are rich in memories. These watches are said to be dynamic and masculine.
  • Rado is a premium Swiss brand that flaunts unique designs, created from high-tech materials.
  • Omega is Swiss watch brand, offering unmatched accuracy and precision timing since the year 1848. Omega remains till today the traditional manufacturer of premium and prestige mechanical watches that offer reliability and long-term accuracy. The Seamaster Planet Ocean and Omega de Ville Co-Axial Rattrapante are among their finest offerings.

Shop Your Favorite Brands under One Roof

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