It’s that time of the year and all the fashion male magazines are in in full swing promoting what to buy for your Dad. Did you know now that most gifts given are actually either never used or stacked away for them to pass on to someone else. Yes your gift could be in the unwanted list for 2015.  Yes that is the harsh reality of unwanted gifts. Now commercially Father’s day is another excuse to buy your Dad some materialistic loving. So I thought I would scout about and see some things that your poor Dad will have to endure on fathers day.

You see that’s the beauty about your Dad. He has to still put up with you all these years let alone your gifts or in this case your unwanted gifts.

Keep Calm And Don’t Even Think About Buying It

When the idea first about the keep calm t-shirt came out I thought it was funny. But my goodness what an overkill and this t-shirt just adds to the poor taste when it comes to after thought gifts.

Yellow Card Keep Calm T-shirt

Crocs Move On

I am sure your Dad has loads of them.  There comes a time when one has to hand in the towel in this case the crocs and say. Dad it ain’t going to happen nor on land let alone in water.


Not So Clever Underwear

Now I am all for inspirational underwear. But where on earth would your Dad choose to wear these.  As for cartoon underwear it’s always a big no and for sex appeal there is nothing sexy about this.



Nasty Caps

Caps are not my favorite accessory. But when it comes to white caps let alone ones with stupid captions like this. Then it’s a huge no for you and your dad. Remember he will get asked where did you get your cap from? Guess what his answer will be?


Socks And Sandals Hell No

OMG goodness can we still believe that most dad’s out there would choose to accept let alone wear this combination. It is up to you the child to rethink about your Dad’s wardrobe. Don’t give the idea out then he may not have an option to wear it. So avoid buying him some sandals, and if you do teach him how they are worn, that is if your dad is open to be taught by you.

socks-with-thongs-flip-flops socks-and-sandals-for-men

The greatest gift to give your Dad is you. And you just being there. Or even more encouraging why don’t you ask your Dad about what he thought of you as a kid.